Jul 27, 2021

Summer Fun

Hi All, Summer fun nails today. I used Zoya's Taylor as the base polish here. Then using Zoya's Jordan, Byrdie, Purity and Ziv, I created the freehand abstract design here. What do you think of this new and unique design?

Jul 21, 2021

Cherry on Top

Hi All. I am loving creating summer fruit nails and I continue with CHERRY nails. I freehanded this entire nail art and I used Zoya polishes - Purity, Willa, Rekha, Tilda for this design. Are you enjoying the summer fruit nails that I have been posting lately?

Jul 15, 2021

Colorful Summer Flowers

Hi All, some colorful flowers for summer. I created this freehand using Zoya nail polishes - Tilda, Darcy, Cora, Robyn, Missy and Purity. To see the inspiration behind these, see my insta.

Jul 8, 2021


Hi All, Summer is incomplete without any watermelon nails, so here are my freehand watermelon nails for this year. I used all Zoya nail polishes to create this one. To see my previous watermelon nails designs, click HERE.

Jul 1, 2021

Nautical Nails

Hi All, for fourth of July this year I decided to create red, white and blue nautical nails instead of the traditional flag nails. I created this design free hand using Zoya polishes - Purity, Rekha and Ryan. To see my previous nautical nails, click HERE.

Jun 28, 2021


Hi All, I painted these peach nails for summer freehand using various Zoya nail polishes. What's your favorite nail art for summer?

Jun 20, 2021

Lemons for Summer

It's officially the first day of summer. Who is ready for summer break and fun getaways? I decided to welcome summer this year with my lemon nails. I painted this design freehand using Zoya's Jordan as the base pink, then using Zoya nail polishes - Darcy, Wyatt, Tilda, Purity and Willa, I freehanded the lemons and rest of the design. To see my previous lemon nails, click HERE.