May 28, 2017

Painting Like

Hello Friends, I made these nails free-hand by hit and trial. I was trying how different polishes will look together and it resulted in this free-hand nail art. The polishes I used are OPI's Mod About You, Zoya's Lolly and Inglot's no. 700 (See it's swatch HERE). Then I added Zoya's 18K gold top coat on it. Hope you all like the end result.

May 25, 2017

Inglot Breathable Nail Enamel

Hello Friends, I am sharing swatch of INGLOT Polish 700 today. I bought this polish end of last year from Inglot's Vegas store. Inglot polishes don't have any names only numbers and no. 700 is a beautiful shade of lavender which I couldn't resist buying. As you can see the bottle says O2M Breathable Nail Enamel, which means O2M lets your nails “breathe” by letting water and oxygen reach your nails even when there’s lacquer on them. This is very interesting because in women who practice Islam, don't wear nail polishes because they pray 5 times a day and they perform Wuzu before the prayers which involves washing their hands and feet. Wearing nail polishes prevents water from reaching nails. This polish is the perfect solution to that, in my opinion.

For the pictures below I used 2 coats of polish without any top coat. The formula is non thick which makes me like it even more. Not to mention I love the color. You can buy these polishes in Macy's as well.

May 22, 2017

Paris: Eiffel Tower

Hello my pretty Friends, I went to Paris this month and for my trip I created these Eiffel Tower nails. Eiffel Tower Stencils and Chevron vinyls are from Whats Up Nails. Polishes used are from Zoya: Jordan (see it's swatch HERE), Purity and Willa.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen pics from my trip already but if you didn't, here are some pictures from of Eiffel Tower from my trip

My nails and my view :)

View of Eiffel Tower from my room at night

May 19, 2017

Pink Cloud Nail Art

Sharing with you all, a cloud mani from the archieves. When I dont have much time and lack of nail art tools (which is usually when I am traveling) I recreate this nail art with different colors each time. You can see my previous cloud mani nail art's here, here and here. The polishes that I have used for this nail art are - Revlon's Cupid and Plum Seduction and Sally Hansen's Sun Kissed.

May 14, 2017

600th Blog Post

Hello Lovelies, its my 600th blog post today and I thought of sharing a cheerful mani to celebrate that. The nail design below is created free-hand by me using a fine nail art brush and various colorful polishes. Hope you all will enjoy it.

May 9, 2017

Zoya Jordan Swatch

Hello Friends, Today I am sharing swatch of Zoya's Jordan which is from the new Zoya Charming Spring 2017 Collection. Jordan is a pretty pastel pink polish. I used 2 coats of polish for the pictures below. I also added some top coat to it. I love this pastel pink polish and it kinda reminds me of OPI's Mode About You (see it's swatch HERE). See the swatches of the others polishes from this collection all the way below.

May 5, 2017

Drag Ombre Feather Nails

Hello Lovelies, sharing another one of my recent drag marble designs with you. Polishes used here are - Base white is Formula X's White Matter, polishes used to create the feathers are - ChinaGlaze's Frostbite, Formula X's Provocative and Zoya's Blu. I used a thing brush to create this drag ombre feather look.

May 2, 2017

Taj Mahal

Hello Lovelies. I am from India in case you didnt know that and as you know one of the 8 wonder's of the world TAJ MAHAL is in India. On my last trip to India, I got to visit this gorgeous ivory-white marble mausoleum which is a symbol of love. Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan built this for his wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The first sight of Taj Mahal through the gate(darwaza), is simply a site you can never forget in your life. The Taj Mahal incorporates both Persian and Mughal architecture using white marble with semi-precious stones.

When I came back from my trip I was so inspired that I wanted to create a nail art from my experience at Taj. So I created this Taj Mahal's silhouette, at sunset, on my nails. The base of this design I created an ombre effect using Zoya's Darcy and Michael Kors Passion. Then using Zoya's Willa and a very thin nail art brush I created the Taj Mahal. My nails are really small so it was really hard to incorporate Taj's grandeur on my nails. Not sure if I did any justice to this pride of India but hope you all will like my attempt here. Cheers to Love.

Here are few pictures of Taj Mahal from my trip:
Taj Mahal from Darwaza
Taj Mahal