Apr 29, 2017

Monthly Mani Favorites : April 2017

Its end of another glorious month of 2017 and here are my favorite nail designs from April 2017 on my blog. Which one is your favorite?

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Apr 26, 2017

Pink Plaid

Hi Lovlies, these are my pink plaid nails as love plaid patterns. I used Formula X's Brazen, Dainty, Dark Matter and Sally Hansen's Celeb City to create this. I created the plaid pattern free-hand using nail art brushes and added some rhinestones on pinky and index finger.

My niece, Esha liked my plaid nails so much again, that she asked me to recreate them for her with her favorite blue shade. So we posed together with our matching dolphin rings and matching plaid nails. Twinning much ;)

Apr 24, 2017

Book Review: One Indian Girl

A lot of you have asked me on Instagram, to post the reviews of the books I have been reading and its been a while since I posted any book reviews on my blog(even though I have read a LOT of books), so I decided to post one. The book that I am reviewing today is by an Indian author - Chetan Bhagat. He has authored a number of popular books and most of them have been made into movies already. One of the reasons Chetan Bhagat's books are popular are because he writes very simple and easy to read books with relate-able stories. Which is why some of the readers who think they are oh-so-superior by reading (and pretending to complete) books like Ulysses and Fountainhead - find his writing below there standards. I do not believe in such BS and have read all his books and was waiting to get my hands on his latest one - One Indian Girl.

One Indian Girl, as the title suggests, is a story about an Indian girl,Radhika, who is smart, successful and well to do, but at the same time faces a bunch of challenges and social myths which every girl typically faces in Indian society. The narration of the story is done very nicely and there was not a single point where I felt it was getting dull or uninteresting. The author has done a commendable job in writing and portraying Radhika's (the protagonist's) character. Full marks for voicing a girls thoughts and dilemmas, totally relate-able. The climax was unpredictable and I enjoyed the way the story ended. Though it was a good read, it was lacking the wow factor that some of Bhagat's previous books had. I rate this book 3/5.

Overall I would say it is a good book for a perfect weekend read (I finished reading it in 2 days). Read it if you can get your hands on a copy. Also read the other book reviews posted by me by clicking HERE.

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Apr 19, 2017

I believe in Pink

Hello Lovelies, time for some other pretty in pink nails. I created the flowers in this design free-hand and used the following polishes - Essie's Lovie Dovie, Zoya Purity and SinfulColors Innocent.

It is also the first time ever that I painted my toe nails same as my finger nails, which I never do as I like to have different designs on my toes and fingers. Also if you wold like to see my pedi nail designs, don't forget to follow me on Instagram.

Apr 16, 2017

A very Bunny day

Happy Easter everyone. Really Egg-cited to share my Easter nails today with you all. This is a free-hand design using Zoya's Purity, Kitridge and Butter London's Jaded Jack. I really like how the bunny's turned out, I was really worried about trying them free-hand as I haven't done any free-hand bunny's before. Hope you all like it and have a wonderful Easter Sunday.

Apr 13, 2017

Fab Colorblock

Hi Friends, I saw this design on some fake nails which were for sale in a store. I loved the design so much that I decided to recreate them on my nails. I used OPI's You Can Count On It, Zoya's Purity, Willa and Ziv to create this design freehand. Hope you all will like it.

Apr 10, 2017

Green is the new Black

Green is the new Black, so why not use both of them in a nail design together. Polishes used are Sinfulcolors Innocent with Zoya's Dainty and Willa. Enjoy!!!

Apr 8, 2017

Cupcake Polish : Wish

It's SWATCH time: Cupcake Polish Wish is what I am swatching today. I love cupcake holographic polishes and this time I decided to try a glitter based holographic polish. Wish is from Cupcake Polish's Unicorn collection and is a pink jelly based holographic polish with pink and silver micro glitter. For the pictures below I used 2 coats of polish.

Apr 5, 2017


Hello Friends, I got these Aztech nail art water decals from Born Pretty Store for review and I wanted to create something holographic. So I started by painting my nails with ColorClub's HALO-GRAPHIC (#978) - see it's swatch HERE. Then I added the Aztech nail art water decals from Born Pretty Store. These decals are very pretty and the strip is as seen below. It comes with multiple patterns, so with one purchase you can create multiple designs on your nails. If you would like to buy these water decals, you can buy them HERE for only 99 cents. You can use coupon code QANX31 to get 10% OFF your supplies. Hope you like this nail art.

Apr 2, 2017

Pretty Parrot

Hello you lovely people out there. Today I am sharing a nail art which I am really proud of. A pretty parrot on my nails. I created these nails free-hand using berry wine brush from Winstonia Store. I used only nail polishes for this design, no acrylic paints. The base white used is Zoya's Purity. The other polishes used are - Revlon's Emerald City, Sinful Color's Innocent, Zoya's Darcy, Michael Kors Passion, Dior's Rouge, Essie's Mink Muffs. I am really really happy how this design turned out. I couldn't stop staring at it :) After I was done painting my nails I realized I had a cute colorful parrot ring tucked away in my jewelry box. So what next? I had to take some pictures with my cute colorful parrot ring. Even the ring colors coincidentally matched the parrot I had painted on my nails. I love such HAPPY coincidences. I couldn't help but take a lot of pictures of this nail art. So get ready for a picture heavy post :) Enjoy!