Jun 29, 2016

Monthly Mani Favorites: June 2016

Hello friends. It's end of June and you know what that means on my blog, choosing your favorite nail art from the month. Which one is your favorite from this month?

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Jun 27, 2016


Hello Friend's, Today's nail art is geometric squares which I did free-hand using a nail art brush. The polishes I used are China Glaze's Frostbite (You can see it's swatch HERE). Formula X's Dark Matter and OPI's Infinite Shine Non-Stop White.

Jun 25, 2016

Hula Hands Polishes

Apart from Island Girl polishes (which I have reviewed already) I also found Hula Hand polishes in Kauai, Hawaii. Now this is one brand I had never heard of before. Curious, I bought 2 polishes so I can try and review them. I bought them back in December and was lazy to try them out and got around trying them now so here are there swatches and review.

The first polish is called Hang 10. The color is deep purple with a silver shine to it when exposed to the correct lighting. But I didn't like the smell of this polish. It is very very strong. Also I wasn't impressed with the quality of this polish. I am glad I bought only 2 bottles for trying out.

The second one is called Treasure Isle. It is gold glitter with some really big hex glitter particles in it. Again the smell of this one is too strong too, I guess the brand itself is like that. One thing is for sure, I won't be buying polishes from this brand again.

Jun 23, 2016

Pretty In Pink

Pretty in Pink is today's nail art for the National Pink Day :) That's right people, today is National Pink Day. I wanted to create something pink for today and so I used Color Club's Halo-graphic as the base polish and on top of that using OPI's DS Reserve and Formula X's Dainty, I added some intricate design. All done free-hand. I really really like how Holo polishes look in sunlight and couldn't help capturing some great Holo lighting in these pics. Enjoy!

Pictures taken in sunlight:

Here is a pic of nails taken inside:

Jun 19, 2016

Indian Summer

Cheerful Indian Summer is what this nail art reminds me of. I was out of any creative ideas and didn't wanted to do another polka dots or floral nail designs, when I came up with this one. Indian Summer is what I thought of when I looked at the finished design, hence the title. The polishes I used are Zoya's Darcy, L'oreal's Tangerine Crush {and a new polish in my collection :) }, Formula X's Dainty (see it's swatch HERE) and Dark Matter.

Here is the picture that inspired this nail art :)

Jun 17, 2016

Formula X: Dainty

I ran out of my previous White nail polish so fast that it was time to buy a new one. This time I decided to try a new brand for my most used nail polish and I was looking at one of the 5-Free brands, so I went with Formula X's Dainty. I have used Formula X polishes before and liked the formula. It doesn't get all thick at the end like others polish brands where the polish becomes so thick at the end that it starts leaving thin polish lines behind, everytime you use them. I have used this polish already to create some nail art designs, you can see those designs HERE, HERE and HERE.

Jun 15, 2016

OPI Paints

OPI launched OPI Paints last year and by the time I got around to buying it, they were sold out everywhere. During Christmas I found a small OPI Paints gift set and grabbed it right away. It was on my 'TO USE' list and it wasn't until now that I decided to try it. So here are the results. I created this nail art starting with silver base which was part of the OPI Paints kit. After it was dry, I added some chevron tape from BornPrettyStore on it (Product Code #23383) and used different OPI paints polishes on it. Then immediately I took out the chevron tape and sealed the design with a top coat. If you are looking to buy this chevron tape or any other nail art products from BornPrettyStore, you can get 10% OFF your order by using a special coupon code QANX31

Here is a closeup and detailed view of the chevron tape from BornPrettyStore.

Jun 12, 2016


Hello Lovelies, Which Zodiac Sign are you? I am a Gemini and recently celebrated my birthday too :) So June being a Gemini month (mostly) I decided to create these nails with the Gemini Zodiac sign. I also matched my Gemini ring with it :) Polish used for the base is my favorite these days - Cupcake Polish's Cocoon. You can see it's swatch HERE. On that using Formula X's Dark Matter I free-handed the Gemini sign. Who else shares this Zodiac sign with me?

Jun 9, 2016

Pink and Green

Light Pink and Light Green, how soothing is this beautiful color combo, so decided to create a cute nail art design with this combo. Light Pink used here is Essie Lovie Dovie, Light Green is Sinfulcolors Innocent and White is Formula X's Dainty.

Jun 7, 2016

Painted Polish

Hello Friend's, today I am sharing swatch of another Indie polish called Painted Polish which I bought at the Indie Shop. The shade is called Sweet & Serene which is part of their Pantone inspired Mother's Day mini collection from last May. Painted Polish polishes are 5-FREE. Sweet & Serene is a beautiful Blue holographic polish with reflects lovely colorful glitter in sunlight as well as regular light. For the pictures below, I applied base coat with 2 coats of Sweet & Serene and HK girl top coat (which I got from the Indie Shop as well :) I wore this polish for 3 days without any chips and wear offs. How many of you have tried Painted Polish before, what do you think of the brand?

Jun 5, 2016

Banana Cream Pie

Hello Friend's, today I am sharing with you all, swatch of a NEW Indie polish. It's Squishy Face Polish (SFP) and the shade is called Banana Cream Pie. I bought this shade from the Indie Shop (read about it HERE). Banana Cream Pie is part of SFP's Sweet Tooth Collection which just launched 2 days ago. I had never heard of this brand until I went to the Indie Shop and this is the only polish I got from SFP. I am glad I got this one as it was the first time I got my hands on a polish before it's launch and second how gorgeous is this shade? Apart from being a neutral color (which is perfect base for any nail art), the colorful sparkles of this polish in the sunlight are amazing. For the pictures below I used base coat with two coats for Banana Cream Pie and no top coat.

Pictures in sunlight:

Pictures inside:

Jun 3, 2016

Donut Anyone?

HAPPY NATIONAL DONUT DAY. Surprised? Didn't knew such day even existed? Well me neither until few weeks ago and when I heard of it I decided to create these scrumptious Donut nails :) What do you think?