Oct 5, 2017

Beauty Big Bang - Glitter Powder

Hola Everyone. The product that I am reviewing today is Holographic Nail Glitter Powder that I got from Beauty Big Bang.

This glitter comes in a small jar which is placed inside a zip sealed bag for protection. The glitter that I got (SKU: J2830-3A-GD) is a gold glitter powder. You can purchase it for $2.39 from Beauty Big Bang by clicking HERE. Using code NCONTEXT10 will get you 10% off your order, especially for my readers. BBB offers free worldwide shipping.

I used this glitter on regular nail polish on the middle and ring finger. Then on others using glitter placement technique I added this glitter around the nails. To see a detailed video scroll all the way down.

Below is my nails matching with my beautiful Sunlit Savannah Cuff Bracelet from @cnibysony, check it out HERE.

Below is a quick video of how I applied the glitter powder on my nails and how they look in real life.

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