Jan 17, 2021

Winter snowflakes

Hi All, with this crazy winter around I wanted to create some more winter nails designs and here is my yellow base colored snowflake design. All done freehand using Zoya nailpolishes Darcy, Purity and Chantal.

Jan 8, 2021


Hi All. I love snowflakes and each year I create multiple snowflake nail art designs. This year I created this freehand, mixed shade snowflake design using Zoya nailpolishes Robyn, Arbor, Tilda, Purity and Formula X's Provocative. To see my previous snowflake nail art click HERE.

Jan 1, 2021

Cheers to a Cheerful New Year

Hello All, starting 2021 on a cheerful note with these bright and yellow flowers. I created this design freehand using Zoya nailpolishes - Darcy, Purity, Tilda. Cheers to 2021 and to a great year ahead filled with health, freedom and happiness.

Dec 30, 2020

2020 - The Year That Was

Hello my lovely readers, I hope you all are a ready to welcome the NEW YEAR 2021 and so am I. Before I welcome the new year, HERE is a round up of my favorite nail designs from year 2020. For details and more pics, click the link in the description for each nail art. Which one is your favorite?
See you all in NEXT year.
1. New Year Celebration

2. Hibiscus

3. Hearts

4. Checks

5. Spring is here

6. Gender Reveal

7. USA

8. Summer gingham

9. Pink and Blue Florals

10. Fall Pumpkins

11. Fall Abstract

12. Fall Leaves

13. Christmas Foilage

14. Candy Halfmoons

15. Christmas Abstract

Dec 25, 2020

Pink Christmas

Merry Christmas You All. Today I have a pink christmas nails design on my nails. I painted it all freehand using various Zoya nail polishes - Purity, Jordan, Trixie and Byrdie. Hope you all have a great Holiday and see you all in 2021 with a new nail art.

Dec 21, 2020

Christmas Abstract Nails

Hi All. It's officially Christmas week. Are you all excited? What are you all planning to do during this Winter break? Southern California is under lockdown so we plan to stay home and enjoy our time as a family. So coming to my nail art today, do you remember my Fall abstract nails from september this year? If not see them HERE. Inspired by them I created today's Christmas abstract nails. I painted these freehand using various nail polishes from Zoya and OPI brands. Hope you like it and enjoy rest of your Holiday season.

Dec 16, 2020

Candy Half Moon Nails

Hi All, today I have christmas candy half moon nails here. I used Zoya's Trixie as the silver base polish. Then I freehanded the different types of candy's using various other Zoya nail polishes. Hope you like this unique take on half moon nails.