Oct 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone !!!

This Fall/Halloween design has been floating around in my head for a while now so last weekend I decided to finally give it a try. I just free-handed the design with a brush on my nails and like to call it "Halloween Waves".
Ring: Won it in Charming Charlie's Halloween Facebook contest in 2012.

I think the colors came out really good together. The polishes that I have used are: White is Butter London's Cotton Buds, Orange is OPI's On the same Paige, Yellow is Zoya's Darcy and the lemon glitter is LA Colors Art Deco's Lime Glitter. You can see a similar studded design here.

Have a fun filled Halloween :)

Oct 29, 2013

Halloween Series: Glow in the Dark Polish

What is more appropraite than a glow in the dark polish for Halloween? So with Halloween just 2 days away,I am sharing my "glow in the dark" nails with you. The polish I have used is from Claire's. Claire's glow in the dark polishes are sheer and for the pictures below, I used 3 coats of polish.
I appologise for the bad quality of the picture below. The glow was really hard to capture in dark but believe me I tried - A LOT (with lot of help from hubby). But couldn't get a perfect shot of the glow. But doesn't the blurry picture makes it more ghostly ;)
So just in case you are out of ideas of what to wear on your nails while trick or treating at night on halloween, this would be the perfect polish.

Oct 28, 2013

Tribal Nails

In case you didn't get the memo, Tribal prints have been "THE TREND" to try this year. It's almost November and just in case if you haven't tried this trend, its not too late. I have been into tribal prints for quiet for few years now. Apart from incorporating this trend in my day to day clothing and accessories, I decided to add this trend on my nails as well. So here is my tribal print nails.
I wasn't quiet thrilled with my design, to be honest. I was expecting myself to do better. The polishes that I have used are Ulta's Little Black Dress and my faithful white polish, Sinful Color's Snow Me White.
Below is pic of my tribal leggings as well as my tribal print flats :) Couldn't help but sharing these. And yes, that's henna on my feet.

Oct 25, 2013

Halloween Series: Shatter Polish

One of polish's that I find appropriate for Halloween, is the shatter or crackle polishes. Though there is nothing "halloweeny" about them, I think they make a very simple and fun Halloween nail art.
These polishes are very easy to apply. All you have to do is apply a base coat of your favorite color (in my case Ulta’s Moody Blues) and once its dry on top of it apply good amount of shatter or crackle polish. I went with Nichole by OPI's Silver Texture polish.

I have tried different brands of shatter polishes like Sally Hansen’s Crackle, Revlon’s Break Up Coat but so far Nichole by OPI's Texture polish is my favorite one and I use this more than any other’s. One negative thing about this polish is that the polish in the bottle has dried-up really fast.
So just in case you are out of ideas for manicure this Halloween, rush to the nearest beauty supply store and get that shatter/crackle polish to apply as a simple nail design. Hope you liked my idea of Halloween nail art :)

Oct 23, 2013

Peacock Nails


Recently my friend sent me a nail design of a peacock mani on facebook and said I should try it, since the design is so awesome. Now those of you who know me, know that I am a sucker for peacocks and peacock related things ( I own a lot of peacock jewelry, clothes, cushions, candles, etc). So how could I let go of an opportunity of painting my nails with peacock nail art? I did this mani to go with my Indian outfit which I wore to an Indian event recently. So here is my version of the picture she sent. The picture didn’t have any watermarks so I don’t know which artist to give the credit for the design.

The polishes that I have used are: Light Green – Sally Hansen’s Green With Envy, Golden – Zoya’s Ziv, Dark Green – Revlon’s Emerald City and OPI's Skip the gift wrap, Light Blue – Wet n Wild’s I need a refresh-mint.

Below is the picture of the original design and I am not sure who the artist is since there are no watermarks on the picture. (Pic credit: Facebook)
UPDATE: Found the artist of the above nail art which inspired me: Flightofwhimsy. You can see her design here.

Oct 22, 2013

Pink Mix-n-Match

Those who know me well, know that Pink is my favorite color. I own a lot of polishes in different shades of pink and love playing around on my nails with them. So October being the Breast Cancer awareness month I decided to dedicate this pink mix-n-match nail design for that cause.

The polishes that I have used here are:
Pink Base Coat: Piggy Polish's Just A Girl
Light Pink: Revlon's Cupid
Dark Pink : Revlon's Plum Seduction
Neon Pink : SinfulColor's Fusion Neon
White : SinfulColor's Snow Me White

You can see my other ALL PINK nail designs here, here, here and here.

Oct 21, 2013

Halloween Series: Halloween Colors

Purple, Black, Orange, Grey and Yellow. These are the colors which we associate with Halloween, isn't it? Few years ago during Halloween I bought a colorblock top with these colors. So this fall I was itching to try and recreate that colorblock on my nails.
I was about to do the exact color blocking as my top (see last pic) but Sohpie's striped black n white nail design inspired me to do the colorblocking her way. While we are talking about Sophie, let me take a minute to mention that I am huge, HUGE fan of her nail designs and her work.
The polishes that I have used are:
Purple: Ulta's Celebutante
Grey: Sally Hansen's Wet Cement
Orange: OPI's On The Same Paige
Black: Maybelline's Onyx Rush
Below is a picture of my nails with my colorful halloween colorblock top in the background :)

Oct 18, 2013


For today's nail art I want to share my Chevron design with you all. You all probably know about my love for chevron by now. You can see my previous chevron mani's here and here. For this design I decided to go with pastel colors.
Instead of doing all nails chevron, I just did an accent nail.
The polishes that I have used here are:
Pink : Revlon's Cupid
Jade : Revlon's Jaded
White : SinfulColor's Snow Me White

Oct 17, 2013

DS Reserve and Rhinestones

Hello Friends. Today I am sharing my new floral mani with you all. The new thing about this floral mani is I have used nail art rhinestones in the mani. This is very special because this is the first time EVER that I have used rhinestones. Another special thing about this mani is I have used OPI's DS polish called DS Reserve. I like how this pink shade's diamond dust glimmers and glitters by itself. I love DS polishes from OPI and in case you are wondering what DS is, it stands for Designer Series. The polishes in this series have special formal for exceptional shine and dazzle and are slightly pricier than the normal OPI polishes. The white polish that I have used is OPI as well - My Boyfriends Scales the Walls ( from OPI's spider man collection). Hope you all like this mani.

Oct 16, 2013


Colorblocking is a trend which is here to stay for few more years. I love colorblocking and often experiment with this trend on my nails. You can see some of my previous colorblocked nails here and here. So for today's nail art I decided to use some bright colors which would look good together.

I like how all the colors compliment each other. The polishes that I have used are - Green is from Charlotte Russe. As I have mentioned before Charlotte Russe polishes don't have any names. Yellow is Zoya's Darcy and Blue is Wet n Wild's I need a refresh-mint.

Oct 15, 2013

Henna Series : Eid al-Adha 2013

Hi All , today is Eid al-Adha and on today's occasion instead of sharing nail art I am sharing my Henna designs with you all.

Front Hand:
Back Hand:
You can check out previous Henna designs here and here. Eid Mubarak to you all :)

Oct 14, 2013

Halloween Series: Halloween Glitter

Last year in Nov 2012, China Glaze came out with an amazing collection of polishes called Cirque du Soleil collection (inspired by the move). The glitter polishes in this collection was what caught my attention and I ended up buying all the glitter ones from Cirque du Soleil.

Last year for Halloween Orly came out with polish called R.I.P. which was an awesome black and orange glitter polish. I wanted to buy it very badly but somehow couldn't get my hands on one. So when I saw "Get Carried Away" black and orange glitter polish from Cirque du Soleil collection I immediately thought of Orly' R.I.P and hence of Halloween.
Get Carried Away is a thick sheer base glitter polish. Because of its sheer base you can't wear it by itself and have to put a base coat which would accentuate the glitter better. So here are pictures of China Glaze's "Get Carried Away" over Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri "Presto Pewter" Nail Color. I didnt use black as the base coat because using black hides all the black bar glitter in the polish.
I think this glitter polish is a simple and easy way to decorate your nails for Halloween.

Oct 11, 2013

Maybelline Polka Dots

Maybelline recently came out with their polka dot glitter polishes called Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots. Launched in July 2013, these glitter polishes are filled with black & white multi-sized sequins that make your nails look like they’re sprinkled with dots. These polishes come in 5 different color's. I decided to go with "Clearly Spotted" which is the only clear-based polish in this collection. It is just pure black and white glitter which makes it perfect for layering. Hence I layered it over Sally Hansen's Wet Cement and giving it a gradient look.
These polishes are an easy way to create a nail art and they are available in drug stores and Target stores for $3.99.

TIP: You can also layer them over orange or purple polishes to create a "Halloweeny" look :)

Oct 10, 2013

Red Blue and White

Last year for an Indian festival I bought a beautiful Red, Blue and White Indian outfit. A day before the festival I was in dilemma what nail design to apply on my nails which would match my outfit colors. I was looking at some nail stamping plates at that time and Konad's m79 plate's dotted design caught my attention. So instead of buying the plate I decided to free hand that design by myself, in the colors that would match my outfit. Hence the following nail art.
I find it challenging to recreate the nail art by myself, instead of opting for the easy way of doing a nail art (i.e. stamping, nail strips, etc) . You can see another design that I recreated here. The best part about recreating this design myself was I used 2 different colors i.e, Red and Blue. If I had used the stamping plate, the whole design would I have been in one color. Also, the stamping plate doesn't have the "big dots" on every intersection of the small dots but only on the every other intersection. I added the "big dots" on every intersection.
The base polish I used is my faithful white polish, SinfulColors Snow Me White. For Red I used Ulta's Red Carpet Red and for Blue I used Wet n Wild's I need a refresh-mint. Below is a picture of my nails with my matching "Indian Bangles" mixed and matched, from my jewelry collection :)
Here is a picture of the actual Konad m79 stamping plate that I found online. The design I have copied is the one on the top left.
There are a lot of Indian festival's coming up in the next few months. So get ready to see more outfit matching Indian nail designs :)

Oct 9, 2013

Leopard print

Today's nail art is turquoise leopard print. I was trying out my new Urban Outfitters polishes and wanted to do some nail art with it. Hence this design. You can see my previous leopard print nail art here.
For the base coat I used Urban Outfitters Flip Flop. You can see the swatches of my Urban Outfitters polishes including this one here. For black and white, I used my faithful Maybelline's Onyx Rush and Sinful colors Snow Me White.
Ofcourse, I had to take a picture of my animal print nails with my new Panther ring. This ring is so pretty and matches with my nails perfectly.
Panther Ring: Francescas

One of my co-worker defines this nail art as the best one till date (in her opinion). She usually rates my nail art every week and so far in her books this one is 10 on 10 :) So sweet.