Nov 30, 2013

Monthly Mani Favorites: Nov 2013

I am starting this new Monthy Mani Favorite Series on the blog in which, at the end of each month I post my favorite nailart of the month and among them we do a poll and you guys and gals get to choose your favorite nail art among them. So here are November's Monthly Mani Favorites. Take the poll below and choose your favorite one. Hurry up as the poll lasts only for few days.

Which is your favorite mani on Nails Context from Nov 2013

Nov 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!! What are you thankful for this year? I am thankful for a bunch of things other than the fact that I have started this wonderful nail blog (which was on my mind for a long long time) and I am thankful for all my lovely followers and blog readers out there, most of them, even without ever meeting or knowing me have given such unconditional love and support to me via the media of social networking. I am thankful for all of you out there reading my blog.

So today’s nail art is inspired by partly fall, partly thanksgiving colors. It is a simple dotticure. The polishes that I have used are: Base coat – Sally Hansen’s Antique Bronze, Orange – OPI’s on the same Paige, Red – OPI’s I am Suzi & I'M a Chocoholic, Yellow – Zoya’s Darcy and Gold – Zoya’s Ziv. Hope you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and the long weekend.

Nov 26, 2013

Cherry Nails

Hi All. Today I am sharing, the very cute Cherry nail art with you all. It is one of my favorite nail designs and they look so cute on the finger nails.

The polishes that I have used are: Red is Ulta's Red Carpet Red, White is Sinfulcolor Professional's Snow Me White and Green is Jordana's Nail art's Neon Green.

Nov 25, 2013

Ruffle Mani

Happy Friday. The ruffle manicure that I am sharing with you all today was done by me in my initial days of starting nail art. The inspiration behind it is exceptionally talented nail artist Sarah Waite who runs the very successful and popular nail art blog Chalkboard Nails. I am a huge fan of Sarah and she is one of the reason's I started doing nail art. You can see some of my previous nail arts inspired by other artists here, and here.

The polishes that I have used (in that order) are as shown in the picture below:

Nov 22, 2013

Yellow and Navy

Hello Friends. Today's nail art that I am sharing with you all is a stripes manicure which I did earlier this year for my Birthday, to match the Maxi I was wearing for the occasion. The Maxi has White, Navy and Yellow stripes which make a lovely color combo.

The polishes that I have used are - Ulta's Moody Blue, Sally Hansen's Mellow Yellow and Hard to Get.

One of the activities we did for my Birthday weekend was to go for Strawberry picking. Hence the below picture with a Strawberry :)

Nov 21, 2013


Hi all, today I am sharing with you all some random swatches of my favorite polishes. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably would have seen these.

The first one is a very favorite pink of mine called Mod about You from OPI. It is a very lovely light pastel pink with cool tone to it.

The second polish is Cotton Buds from Butter London. There is nothing so say about it except its a plain white polish perfect for nail art base coat. This is my goto white polish for almost all my nail art's.

The third polish is Fowl Play from Orly. Its a dark purple polish packed with blue and red glitter.

The last one is Moonraker from OPI. This polish is from OPI's Skyfall Collection from Winter 2012. Moonraker is a lovely silvery grey polish. Its very streaky when applied but I love these kind of silvery polishes so I like it.

Hope you like all the swatches and start following me on Instagram, if you are already not.

Nov 20, 2013

Got featured on NailIt Magazine's webpage TODAY

Okay, so I was bored and was randomly browsing through facebook and what do i see, my nailart popping right back at me on NailIt Magazine's facebook page. I almost fell off my chair and had to pinch myself.

My nails where featured as nail art of the day on Nail It Magazine's website. To see it online head over to Nail It mag's web page. And to see my original post, please head over here.

Below are some pictures that I couldn't help taking from the website, to share with you all:

Here is another picture of my nails on NailIt Magazine's Pinterest Profile

Floral Print

Hi All, its been a while since I posted some floral nail art and the following nail design has been on my mind for a while, so last weekend I decided to give it a try. Instead of using just one color scheme I decided to mix it a bit and use two colors - pink and yellow.

The polishes that I have used are - Pink is Revlon's Cupid, Yellow is Zoya's Darcy, Grey is Sally Hansen's Wet Cement and White is Butter London's Cotton Buds.

Hope you all like this unusual floral nail design.

Nov 19, 2013

Green n Gold

Hi All, Today's nail art is a simple one and I don't have much to say about it except that while working on something different I stumbled upon this beautiful color combo of green and gold. I thought it looked beautiful enough to share with you all.

So here it is. The polishes that I have used are: Light Green – Sally Hansen’s Green With Envy, Golden – Zoya’s Ziv, Dark Green – Revlon’s Emerald City.

Nov 18, 2013

Colorblocking and Polka Dots

There are lot of nail arts out there which are inspired by outfits and accessories. My nail art for today is a nail art which gave me an outfit idea, instead of being other way around.
The polishes that I have used are: Black is Maybelline's Onyx Rush, White is Sally Hansen's Hard to Get and Purple is Ulta's Celebutante
Below is a picture of my outfit which was inspired by my nailart :) Black polka dot top with purple jeans.

Nov 15, 2013

Sailor Nails

This Halloween I decided to dress as a sailor and so instead of doing typical Halloween nails, I painted my nails suited for a Sailor.

The polishes that I used for this nail art are: Red - Chanel's Dragon, White - Butter London's Cotton Buds and Blue - Ulta's Moody Blue.

Nov 13, 2013

Maybelline Brocade Collection Swatches

Maybelline has come out with another Color Show line called The Brocade Collection. This is a group of glitter polishes that remind me of Indian silk and metallic brocade fabrics. What is different about this collection is the duochrome shimmers in these polishes, which reflect gold, green and purple. I bought two polishes from this collection which caught my eye - Gilded Rose and Lavishly Lilac.

Maybelline Gilded Rose has a clear base polish which is full of golden shimmer that basically defines this collection and pink glitter. This is so lovely and has a duochrome feel to it. This needs two coats of polish for opacity.
Maybelline Lavishly Lilac has a pale purple base with lots of purple and golden shimmer and purple hex glitter. This is a duochrome polish. The purple shifts into gold in proper lighting. This needs three coats of polish for opacity.
I think Lavishly Lilac is my favorite among the two, as it reminds me of heavy brocade Indian sari's worn during weddings and festivals. There are lot of other shades and glitters in this collection which are perfect for this Holiday season. Hope you find one that you like.

Nov 11, 2013

Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds are a girls best friend, I think we all agree with that ;) That’s the exact thought that came to my mind when I saw this diamond glitter from Sinful Color’s. The glitter us called Watch It Shine.
Instead of using diamond glitter on all the nails I decided to do something diamond for each finger. So for the ring finger I used glitter. For the index and pinky I used rhinestones. For the middle finger I just painted diamonds. And for the thumb I used stamping technique to create diamond design which included diamond shapes.
The polishes that I have used here are: Pink is OPI’s DS Reserve, White is OPI’s My Boyfriend Scales the Walls. The stamping plate that I have used is Konad’s m60 stamping plate.
You can see another nail art using the same color's here.

Nov 9, 2013

Miss Universe

Miss Universe. Why this title, because Miss Universe 2013 is being held today in Russia and so I decided to share swatches of my new Essence polish called of course "Miss Universe". Essence is one polish brand which I did not own till now. So recently when I spotted this polish on sale I couldn't help grabbing it for my collection of polishes.

This is a sheer bluish-black base polish with blue micro glitter. I used three coats for the pictures because of the sheer base. I would next time apply this on a blue base coat to reduce the amount of coats. I love the way this polish shimmers in light, totally apt for the name. Also I like the brush that comes with the polish, which makes it easy to apply.
Hope you all are watching Miss Universe telecast tonight and cheering for your country. Enjoy rest of your weekend.

Nov 8, 2013


Todays nail art is a glitter nail art which I tried using different glitter polishes and some of them from a new brand called Spoiled.
Instead of doing all nails with glitter I added some fun design for accent nails.
The polishes that I have used are: Green glitter: Show me the Money from Spoiled, Purple glitter : Battle of the Sexes from Spoiled and Blue glitter is not a glitter polish actually, it is OPI's liquid sand polish called Get Your Number. You can see the swatches for Get Your Number here.
Have wonderful weekend.