May 29, 2018

Born Pretty Store | New Products

Hello All ! As you know I often do collaborations with Born Pretty Store (BPS) to bring new and cool nail and beauty products for you all. BPS have a new line of products launching on June 6th, 2018 and I was sent 2 new products in their new packaging for review. The 2 products are a magnetic nail polish and a cuticle oil. So let's look into them.

Nail Polish
The nail polish I have here is a magnetic polish. It's from the 3D Magnetic Aurora Series and is called Greenland Night, Product Code: BP-MA04. This is a dark purple polish with a glittery purple magnetic effect. I used a black polish as the base. I added 2 coats of the magnetic polish, then I used magnetic pen tool, also from Born Pretty Store, to create the magnetic effect. You can purchase this magnetic tool from Born Pretty Store by clicking HERE for $1.49, product code #32407. This polish will be available on June 6th, 2018 for purchase on Born Pretty Store site. Click HERE to see this polish and others from this collection, available for $5.39. Also use my code QANX31 for 10% OFF your purchase.

This polish comes in a cute new packaging (as shown below). I really like the cute peacock feathers they have used on their packages and bottles, as I personally like everything peacock.

Cuticle Oil
Now coming to the other product that I received in the package - cuticle oil. This cuticle oil is a peach cuticle oil and has amazing smell.

This too comes in a cute package of it's own and has a peach on the cover.

The cuticle oil comes with a brush on the tip of the bottle and a adjuster on the bottom of it. This adjuster makes the cuticle oil comes out on the brush, which makes the use of bottle really really easy. You can get this cuticle oil (product code 39329) and other scents from this collection, by clicking HERE for $2.99.

Born Pretty Store ships worldwide. Do check out their website HERE, if you haven't already. You can get 10% OFF your entire purchase by using my coupon code QANX31. I will be doing a giveaway in next few days in collaboration with Born Pretty Store on my Instagram account, so if you are not already, follow me on Instagram right HERE. You can be the lucky winner of of some cool new products from Born Pretty Store. Stay Tuned.

May 27, 2018

Colors By Llarowe | English Rose

Hello All! Today I have swtach of my very first Colors By Llarowe nail polish. This one is called English Rose. This polish comes out in June 2018 but I was lucky to get my hands on it at The Indie Shop Tisneyland 2018 event last weekend in Anaheim. English Rose is a gorgeous linear holographic pink polish with gold, lilac and red holos. For the pictures below I used 2 coats of English Rose and no top coat. I love this polish, it looks gorgeous even in regular room light and you don't have to go out in sun (esp, since its been gloomy weather here) to see its holo effect. This polish goes on sale on June 1st.

May 25, 2018

Book Review | Bring Me Back

Hello All. Today I have a book review for you all. It's B.A.Paris's latest Bring Me Back. I received a advance readers copy from St. Martin's Press recently and I was very excited to read and review it.

The story is about a couple Finn and Layla who are on a trip and one night Layla goes missing. After searching a lot for few years, Finn finally moves on with his life. 12 years later as Finn is about to marry, he gets a call that someone has spotted Layla. And then starts a thrilling plot with unreliable characters making you suspect every character as you read along this nail biting thriller.

Bring me back is a psychological thriller which once you start reading, is hard to put down and you keep going back to, until you have finished it. The story keeps going back and forth between the past and the present and as I was reading the book, I kept guessing what the ending could be and would change my mind every time there was a twist in the plot. The main characters themselves are not particularly endearing which makes you wonder if they could be behind the mystery. The final climax was something I did not guess at all was totally surprised by it so kudos to the author for coming up with it.

I rate this book 5/5. The book releases on June 19th, 2018 and get your hands on it right away to read this well-written thriller.

May 22, 2018

Pink Florals and Holo

What happens when you love holographic polishes and pink florals? you combine them all and create a nailart :) ha ha. This is my version of my two favorite things. Color Club's Enchanted is the holo base I used here. Then I added freehand flowers with different pink polishes on each nail to create an overall ombre effect. I esp like the thumb nail version which includes all the different pinks I used and gives a flower garland feel. What are your thoughts on this nail design. Comment below and let me know :) Bye for now.

May 19, 2018

OPI Indefinitely Baby

Hello Lovelies, today I have swatch of OPI's Indefinitely Baby, which was part of OPI's Infinite Shine Fall 2015 collection. This is a beautiful baby pink shade. For the pictures below I used 2 coats of polish for even application and sealed it with a top coat. I like the color and formula very much, its perfect for Spring/Summer.

May 15, 2018

Watercolor florals

Hello All. Lately I have been lacking creativity in design and was thinking what to create on my nails, when I thought of making some freehand watercolor flowers. When I started this design I wasn't sure what I wanted but I am really digging the outcome here. The colors and flowers blended together nicely and the effect of watercolor is somewhat visible. I used a lot of different nail polishes to create this design freehand like Zoya's Ziv, Purity, Blu, Sia, Lolly, Rekha; Revlon's Emerald City, Sinful colors Innocent, Essie's Lovie Dovie. What do you think of design ?

May 11, 2018

Delicate Pattern

Hello All, today I have very simple freehand nails design for you. For this design I used OPI Infinite Shine's Reach for the sky as the base. You can see it's swatch HERE. Then using different polishes I free-handed the design on it. Very simple.

May 8, 2018

April showers bring May flowers

April showers bring May flowers. Created these nails freehand using dotting tools. I used Zoya's purity, INGLOT Polish 700, Sinful Colors Professional's Alfresco, OPI Infinite Shine In Pursuit of Purple, Zoya's Blu. Then I added really tiny dots using Zoya's willa. What are your thoughts on this nails design.