Sep 28, 2018

Acorn Nails

Hello all, today I have acorn nails for you all. Since its fall season I wanted to make these to match my acorn ring ;) I created this design freehand using all Zoya nail polishes - Willa, Purity, Chantal and Desiree.

Sep 25, 2018

Fall Florals

Hello All. Fall is officially here and I made a mix of this fall leaves + fall flowers nails design. I used various nail polishes to create this colorful freehand nails design. Hope you all will like it.

Sep 21, 2018

Hello FALL!

Hello Fall! It's good to see you. Even though I am not ready for Fall yet, it is officially the first day of FALL. I created this nails design free-hand using multiple nail polishes. Do you like this nails design and most importantly, are you ready for Fall yet?

Sep 18, 2018

Glitter Blitz

Hello All. Today I have simple and at the same time glittery nails design for you all. For this design I used a dotting tool. The beige polish used here is Prity Nyc Rabbit Clover Feet (see it's swatch HERE), the I added golden using Zoya's Ziv and some white dots around using Zoya's Purity. For the glitter on the accent nail I use Chloe and Isabel's Moulin Rouge (See it's swatch HERE).

Sep 16, 2018

OPI Infinite Shine | Is that Spear in Your Pocket?

Hello All. Today I have swatch of OPI Infinite Shine - Is that Spear in Your Pocket?. This is a muted teal green creme polish. I used two coats of polish for the pictures below without any top coat. The formula is creme but easy to use. I have also used it before in this nail art (Click HERE to view it).

Sep 13, 2018


Hello Everyone. Today I have some super easy freehand daisies on my nails. I created these using a thin nail art brush and all Zoya nail polishes - Purity, Willa and Darcy. Hope you will like these simple nails.

Sep 10, 2018

Blue Florals

Whatever might be the season, I love my floral nails designs. So to beat the Monday morning blues, I have some free-hand blue florals for you all today. The base blue that I used here is Zoya's Blu and then using various other nail polishes I added free-hand florals.

Sep 7, 2018

Marimekko Nails

Hello All. Today I have some Marimekko Nails for you all. Their floral patterns are world famous and I created some pink and blue pattern on my nails, since I liked the combo. The polishes that I used are all ZOYA's - Jordan, Sia, Purity and Willa.

See my previous Marimekko Nails HERE.

Sep 4, 2018

PRITI NYC Nail Polish

Hello All. Today I have a new nail polish brand for you all. It's called PRITI NYC Nail Polish. There polishes are 5 FREE and Vegan. The shade that I bought is called Rabbit Foot Clover. This is a neutral beige shade and it perfect base for a variety of nails designs that I can think of. The formula of this nail polish was clean and easy to apply. For the pictures below I used two coats of nail polish with no top coat and was good to go.

Have use used this nail polish brand before? What non-toxic nail polish brands do you prefer? Share with us in the comments section below :)