Jul 29, 2018


Hi All. I have been planning to do Flamingo nails since last summer but never got around to creating them until now. I made the flamingos here freehand and then added some pink and golden polka dots using a dotting tool on my thumb. The polishes that I have used are - Zoya's Purity, Ziv, Lolly and Jordan.

Couldn't help but take few pics with the Flamingo's stuff that I own.

Jul 27, 2018

Colors By Llarowe | My Big Girl Panties

Hello All. Today I have the most glorious HOLO polish that I have ever seen. It's from Colors By Llarowe called My Big Girl Panties. Its a beautiful purple holographic polish with gorgeous holo effect in the sun. You can also see the holo effect in normal indoor light as well (see pictures below). It was opaque in 2 easy coats. The polish has rainbow linear holo effect when exposed to lighting. You can see the swatches of my other CbL polishes HERE and HERE.

In Sunlight


Jul 25, 2018

Mexican Prints

Hola Amigoes! If you follow me on Instagram and follow my Insta stories, you would be aware on my Cancun, Mexico trip from this Summer. Since I was going to Mexico I wanted to create something on my nails that would match the theme of the trip. I remember seeing colorful Mexican embroidery on clothes from my last trip and decided to come up with something equally colorful for my nails. So here are my nails from the trip, I even found a cute kids dress with similar embroidery while strolling through the streets of Cancun (scroll below).

Thank you so much for stopping by, have a great day!


Jul 23, 2018

Book Review | Perfect Couple by Elin Hilderbrand

Hello All. Today I have another book review for you all. It's The Perfect Couple, the latest book from my favorite author Elin Hilderbrand 📚
Every summer I wait for a brand new book from Elin Hilderbrand and am never disappointed by it. This year it was bonus, she wrote a murder mystery that happens on a wedding weekend in Nantucket. The maid-of-honor is found dead on the morning of the wedding and suddenly everyone in the wedding party is a suspect. The story is very gripping, moving swiftly between the current day and the past. It is told from various characters point of view. The plot is so interesting that I finished the book in a weekend (that’s 466 pages for you). The only thing I wish the author had done was, end the murder mystery more cleanly, bringing more closure for all the characters and make it more dramatic like rest of the book. I felt the actual murder, for which the book is written, was not addressed properly at the end. Apart from that I really enjoyed reading this book. Its very entertaining and an absolute page turner. I have already started waiting for the next one from the author. Elin Hilderbrand, I hope you are listening 😉

I rate this book 4/5 (1 star missing only for the ending).

Couldn't help but share this one, me enjoying some samosa's and hot chai while reading this book.

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Jul 20, 2018

My Stunning Nails | Sun Washed Collection

Hello All, today I have beautiful sun washed collection polishes from My Stunning Nails. My Stunning Nails is a '10 FREE' nail polish. I got 3 shades from the sun washed collection from the Indie Shop and got around only now to try them. The polishes I bought are - Hi-Lite My Life, Denim Shorts and Sittin' in the Sun. Since they all are from the same collection the formulas are exactly the same except for the different colors. I like all the 3 shades but the formula itself is very thick and I found it becoming very lumpy when applied in 2 coats. After one day of wear of these polishes I could see tip growth and chipping, even after applying the top coat. Since I really like the 3 colors, it was very disappointing to see that.

Hi-Lite My Life - This is my favorite shade of the three. It's a pastel lime shade and I really like this shade. This shade makes my tan from my vacation stand out on my hands though :)

Sittin' in the Sun - This is a pale orange shade and reminds me of orange creamsicle on a hot summer day.

Denim Shorts - This is a pastel blue, denim shade, as the name suggests.

Jul 17, 2018

Born Pretty Store | Turquoise Stone

Hello All. I have another nail art product review from Born Pretty Store. This is a 50Pcs/set 3D Nail Decoration Natural Crack Stone Flat Base Nail Art Accessory in turquoise. These gorgeous turquoise stones look like real semi precious stones and make a really cool 3D nail art. To make it extra special I also added some 3D gold beads, also from Born Pretty Store. I love how real these turquoise stones look on my nails. I paired them with my turquoise ring to show the similarities.

You can purchase this HERE, Product Code # 27354 - 002. You can get 10% OFF your order from Born Pretty Store by using MY coupon code QANX31.

Jul 15, 2018

Born Pretty Store | Nail Storage

Hello all, today I have a Born Pretty Store review. This is a Plastic 2 Layers Portable Nail storage container. This container is perfect for storing my nail art supplies and not only that, it is easier to carry them around in this container securely. Since I have received it, I have been using it a lot. If you are looking for a storage for your nail art supplies, then this is perfect. You can purchase it from Born Pretty Store online, product code 41841. You can get 10% OFF your order from Born Pretty Store by using MY coupon code QANX31.