Aug 31, 2016

Monthly Mani Favorites: August 2016

Hello friends. It's end of another beautiful summer month and you know what that means on my blog, choosing your favorite nail art from the month. Which one is your favorite from this month?

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Aug 29, 2016

What in Carnation?

Hello Lovelies. Today I am sharing another Cupcake Polish swatch with you all. This one is What in Carnation? and is from Cupcake polish's in bloom collection from Spring 2015. This reminds me a lot of my Ever After polish called A Whole New World. You can see it's swatch HERE. What is Carnation is a lovely sea blue with linear holo finish. The formula is easy to apply. For the pictures below I used 2 top coats for complete opaqueness and sealed it with HK Girl Top Coat.

Aug 26, 2016

Holo Fun

Since I have got my Holographic cupcake polishes, I keep going back to use them. After I shared my cupcake polish Berry Patch swatches few days ago (if you missed it, click HERE to see the swatches) I was itching to create some pretty Holo nail art designs with them. The base polish used here is Cupcake Polish's Don't Worry, Bee Happy. See it's swatch HERE. On it using Cupcake Polish's Water You Doing?, I added some floral designs. What do you think of this design? I kept staring at it every time I stepped out in sunlight :)

Aug 24, 2016

Tutorial : Chevron Colorblock Nails

Hi Friends, I created a step-by-step tutorial for you all for the Chevron colorblock nail art from my last post.

For this nail art you would need -
1. Nail Polishes.
2. Chevron Tape.
3. Top Coat.
4. Base Coat.
5. Scissors.

Step 1. To start, first paint your nails with a base coat to protect your nails.

Step 2. When the base coat is dry, on top of it paint your nails with a base polish. I used Formula X's Dainty White polish.

Step 3. On the top of the nail, cover 1/4th of the nail with navy polish. I did it free-hand, you can use a tape for more accuracy, though here accuracy doesnt matter as we will be covering the lines with other nail polishes. Also make sure you polish dries completely, before you attempt step 4.

Step 4. Cut the chevron tape using scissors into multiple stripes and stick them on the nail as shown in the picture below. Make sure they are sticking to the nail and are not loose.

Step 5. Color the pink and neon blocks as shown below. I used Zoya's Lolly for Pink and Claire's Sunshine for Neon.

Step 6. Slowly remove the chevron tape and ta-da you now you have the colorblocked chevron pattern on your nails.

Step 7. Seal the design with your favorite top coat. I used Formula X's top coat.

Here is my dress that inspired these nails, to read more about it click on the previous post.

Did you like this step by step tutorial? Was it useful? Do you like pictorials or video tutorials better that I post here? Let me know in the comments section below :) and here is a picture with the tutorial summary in case you want to pin it ;) Enjoy!

Aug 22, 2016

Dress Inspired Chevron Nails

Today's nail design is inspired by one of my favorite Chevron colorblock dress that I own. I wore it for a party recently and decided to match my nails with my dress - Yes, I do that I lot ;) You can see some of my previous outfit matching nail designs HERE,HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. For this one I used the following polishes: Ulta's Moody Blues, Formula X's Dainty, Zoya's Lolly and Claires Sunshine.

Here is my dress that inspired these nails

I will post a tutorial of these nails soon :)

Aug 19, 2016

I Scream for Ice Cream

Hello Lovelies. Today I am reviewing the 3D nail art from Dimension Nails . I received 3 different styles from them: Castle Rock, Gum Drop and Notorious. These are long rubber like white stickers in different 3D shapes. Because of the material it becomes easy to cut them and make any shapes out of them which you want. For the pictures below, I used Castle Rock to create cup for my ice cream nails. I painted it using brown nail polish before applying it to my nails and the rest of the design I did free-hand.

These 3D nail art stickers create really cool and edgy look but is definitely not for everyday use. If you are into 3D nails this a must-try product for you since the possibilities with this are endless. You can cut, create as many designs as you want and in any color. Since these stickers are plain white you can paint over them with any color you want. This way they can either blend with your nails or stand out. I wanted my 3D ice cream nails to stand out (why not?) so I painted them with a different color. These 3D stickers retail at $6.99 and can be bought online right HERE. I can't wait to create more 3D nails with it. So here are my Ice Cream nails for this summer.

Aug 17, 2016

Celebrating 500th Post

500 th POST !!! Can't believe I am writing 500th post for my blog. Wasn't it just yesterday that I started this blog? When I started my Blog I never thought I would be posting close to 500 nail designs, in this space. Coming to nail designs, today's is a holo floral design which I created with my new favorite holo polish as base Polish. This one is Water You Doing? from Cupcake Polish. You can see it's swatch HERE. Floral design is created free hand and I added the polks dots with a dotting tool.

Pictures in Sunlight

I applied Bliss Polish Holo Top coat on the thumb nail art for some extra Holo :)

Pictures with Flash Photography

Pictures in regular white light

Aug 15, 2016

Indian Independence Day

Hello Friend's. Today is INDIA's Independence Day. So I decided to create today's nail art using tricolor present in the Indian Flag. You can see my previous Indian Independence Day nail art HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

A very HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to all my fellow Indians. JAI HIND!

Here is a close up pic of my colorful tricolor bangles to match my tricolor nails :) If you are not aware of my obsession of matching my nails with jewelry then check it out HERE and HERE ;)

Aug 11, 2016

L'oreal la vie en rose collection swatches

Hi all, today I have 2 swatches from L’Oréal Paris La Vie en Rose 2016 Collection. Along with six lipsticks, this collection includes six matching, limited-edition nail polishes. This collection is all about different pink shades and named after L'oreal's brand ambassadors. Each pink color is associated with a specific L'Oréal Paris beauty. I bought two shades which I liked the most Eva's Pink and Blake's Pink.

Eva's Pink 703: Eva Longoria's Pink is almost beige pink, not really a pink. I love such neutral shades and that's why I choose to buy this polish among the others. The Formula is liquidy and easy to apply, which I wasn't surprised as all the L'oreal polishes have a formula which is easy to apply. I wore this polish just by itself and it made my fingers looks really long because of its neutral tone. I used 2 coats for the pictures below and no top coat.

Blake's Pink 711: Blake Lively's Pink is not really a pink, but is coral Orange. Not sure why either of them is called Pink? since both the shades are anything but pink. I had run out my previous Coral polish and was looking to replace it with a good brand, so I am glad I got this one. Also I am a big fan of Blake Lively so that was a plus point ;) This polish, as I mentioned above is easy to apply too and the coral shade is gorgeous. I used 3 coats for the pictures below and no top coat.

L'oreal also launched lipstick shades inspired by these beauties and I bought 2 of the lipsticks as well. Since I wear red and pink a lot I decided to get Zoe's Red (Zoe Saldana) and JLo's (Jennifer Lopez) Pink. I like matte lipsticks over glossy/creme ones so these two lipstick's have kinda become staple in my wardrobe. I have been wearing Jennifer's Pink almost everyday to work.