Sep 30, 2013

Music to my nails

Hi Friends, Hope you all had a great weekend. Today I am sharing my "musical nails" with you all. Over the weekend I went to Shreya Ghoshal's music concert and for that I decided to paint my nails with music notes.
Instead of going with traditional black and white notes I added some color to it.
The polishes that I have used here are:
White Base Coat: Butter London's Cotton Buds
Red: Ulta's Red Carpet Red
Green: Jordana's pop art
Blue: SinfulColors Professional's Anxious Azure
Yellow: Orly's Yellow Submarine
Orange: SinfulColors Professional's Summer Peach
Black - Maybelline's Onyx Rush
Here is a picture of Shreya Ghoshal from the concert

Sep 27, 2013

Chevy Nails

For today's nail art I want to share my Chevron design with you all. You all probably know about my love for chevron by now. You can see my previous chevron mani , the missoni nails here.
Chevron prints are in fad these days. And you can find them every where on tops, scarfs, pants, shoes, pillows, rugs and even bedsheets.
The polishes that I have used are:
Blue : Wet n Wild's I need a refresh-mint
Silver : Sally Hansen's Celeb City
Purple: Kiss Nail Art's Soft Purple

Sep 26, 2013

Intense Blue

My niece Esha, loves shopping at Justice stores. So she recently bought a color changing polish from Justice and offered to share it with me. We both were very excited to see the colors changing but this polish didn't change color much and we were very disappointed. So to covert the disappointment into excitement, I added the following nail art to enhance it.
The polishes that I have used are:
Blue Base Coat : Justice's What's your mood Blue To Purple.
Dark Blue Dots : Ulta's Moody Blue
Blue Dots : Pure Ice's A List
White Dots : SinfulColor's Snow Me White.

One of my co-worker's called them "Vegas" nails, I guess because of the gradient dots.
If you want to check out more blue polka dot nails you can see them here.

Sep 25, 2013

Red Dotticure

I recently bought a Chanel red polish and have been experimenting with it a lot lately. You can see how I have used this polish before, here. So for today's design I decided to go with Dot manicure or 'Dotticure' which these are popularly known as.
What I personally like about this nail design is the fact that every nail has a different dots design. The polishes that I have used are:
Red : Chanel's Dragon
Golden : Zoya's Ziv
Black : Maybelline's Onyx Rush
White: SinfulColors Professional's Snow Me White
Hope you all like this sweet and simple design using Chanel.

Sep 23, 2013

Waterfall Nails

If you are on Instagram, you would have seen waterfall nails floating around a lot. This popular nail design was started by non other than Nailasaurus. Its a new design and everyone has been trying it out. So I decided to recreate it with some of my new polishes.
For base color I started with Urban Outfitters "Girrl Like You". To check out Urban Outfitters polish swatches that I have done before, look here . Then I took a striping brush to paint on all the different colors starting from cuticles, towards the tip.
I like the outcome. All the colors blended together perfectly, I am glad I decided to go with these polishes. The polishes I used here are:
Base color : Urban Outfitters "Girrl Like You"
Yellow: Orly's "Yellow Submarine"
White: Sinful Color's "Snow Me White"
Glitter: LA Colors Art Deco's "Lime Glitter"

Sep 21, 2013

Urban Outfitters Polish Swatches

While shopping recently at the mall, I ended up browsing the Urban Outfitters store. Before leaving the store I saw their polish display and couldn't help buying some unusual shades which I don't own. Mind you, I only bought two polishes, but so far I've been so impressed with the quality that I may buy more. These polishes are 2 for $8 or $5 each.

The first polish is called "Flip Flop". Its a lovely shade of sea green, which was really difficult to photograph. It looks turquoise blue in first glance but is really what I like to call sea green color. It's an eye catching color and I get a lot of compliments, every time I wear it.
The second polish is called "Girrl Like You". Its shade of dirty green. The reason I bought this polish was, I did't own this polish color. The nail art I did with this turned out really well. A good addition to my collection.
All the above pictures are with two coats of polish. The dry time of both the polishes is quite fast. The polishes are definitely worth the money and quality was definitely better than what I expected.

Sep 20, 2013

Fairy Lights

If you haven't heard of the brand Butter London in polishes, its time to look into it. Butter London is a non-toxic nail lacquer from Britain. It is a 3 Free company: no formaldehyde, no toluene, no DBP (dibutyl phthalate). Last year I bought my first Butter London polish called Fairy Lights. Fairy Lights is a soft pink metallic polish.

The gold polish used here is Wet n Wild Chrome Nail Color's "Steel the Spotlight".
I love metallic polishes and lately this has become one of my favorite polish.

Sep 18, 2013

Ombre Stripes

I love ombre. Be it clothing, jewellary or shoes, I love the merging of shades and colors into one another. Today's mani is the outcome of this love for Ombre and for this I decided to go with my shades of purple polishes.
I love how the colors merge into each other naturally
The polishes that I have used are : (from bottom to top) Revlon's Lily, Kiss Nail Art's Soft Purple, OPI's Parlez-vous OPI?, OPI's Gift Cards for Everyone (This polish was a gift from my close friend Michele G - Thank you Michele for the thoughtful gift :)
I like this last pic, with the reflection of the ombre nails and ombre ring in the mirror. A little pat on my back ;)

Sep 15, 2013

Lipstick Print

Hello Friends, hope you all had a great weekend. Today's nail art is inspired by Masaba Gupta's lipstick print collection. Masaba is a young and popular fashion designer from India and her "out of the box" contemporary prints are a fad in India these days.

I have been following her collections for a while now and my most favorite is the "lipstick print" collection. So I couldn't help but recreate it on my nails.

The best part about this collection is the incorporation of neon shades in it.

Isn't the print just gorgeous?
The polishes that I have used are :
Grey: Sally Hansen's Wet Cement
Neon Pink: SinfulColors Professional's Fusion Neon
Neon Orange: SinfulColors Professional's Summer Peach
Neon Yellow: Claire's Sunshine
Dark Blue: Ulta's Moody Blues
Black: Maybelline’s Onyx Rush
White: SinfulColors Professional's Snow Me White

Below is a pic of the actual print
Above Photo Credit : @masabagupta (Instagram)

Hope you all like this print as much as I do. Enjoy!!!

Sep 12, 2013

Inspiration: OPI Fall 2013 San Francisco Collection

Few days ago, i did swatches for OPI's latest fall 2013 San Francisco collection. You can see the swatches I did here. I love the 2 shades that I bought so much that I had to incorporate them in a nail art. So here it is, my OPI San Francisco collection inspired nail art.

Since I used duochrome polish here, I have taken pictures both inside and outside.

Polishes that I have used are all from OPI's Fall 2013 San Francisco collection. Duochrome is Peace & Love & OPI, Blue is Dining Al Frisco and Silver is Haven't The Foggiest.

Sep 10, 2013

OPI Fall 2013 San Francisco Collection Swatches

Hello Friends, Today I am sharing my first swatches with you. It's from OPI's Fall 2013 collection which is inspired from San Francisco (I love San Francisco and fell in love with the city when I first visited it back in 2010). Instead of getting the whole collection ( which consists of 15 different polishes ) I just got the two, which caught my attention. These two are - Dining Al Frisco and Peace & Love & OPI

Dining Al Frisco is a pretty sky blue color with a spark to it. It's very soothing to eyes and reminds me of winter. If you are in search for the perfect blue shade in polish, I would recommend that you go for this one.
Peace & Love & OPI is a grey based duochrome. I just love this shade and how it looks different from grey to black to green to purple in different lighting. I have tried duochrome polishes before and in my experience duochrome polishes are ususlly sheer. But Peace & Love & OPI is opaque and all I had to do was apply two coats in the pictures below.
This is how it looks inside.
And this is how it looks outside in sunlight.

Sep 8, 2013

Cute Monsters

Today's nail art inspiration are cute colorful Monster's.
My little nephew Zubin, loves monster's. He recently collected a lot of round stones from a trip and brought them home. On those stones he painted these cute little monster's in different colors. Last time when I was visiting him, he showed me his cute little monster stones. I loved the colors and concept so much that I couldn't resist painting my nails and recreating these monster's. These monster's are perfect for Halloween but I was so excited about them that I couldn't wait till Halloween and had to share them with you all NOW. So here are the colorful monster's painted by my nephew.
And here are my nails inspired by the above painted stones.
Aren't they cute :)
The polishes I have used are:
Red - Chanel's Dragon
Yellow - Zoya's Darcy
Green - Sally Hansen's Green with Envy
Pink - Revlon's Cupid
Black - Maybelline's Onyx Rush
White - SinfulColor's Snow Me White
Hope you all like it :)

Sep 5, 2013

Nail Art Stickers

The easiest way to have a simple nail art is by having a nail sticker on the nail. The nail stickers are very easy to use. Apply your favorite nail polish , then apply nail art stickers on it when the polish is dry. Seal it with a top coat, so the sticker doesn't come off easily.
Here is a simple manicure with nail stickers. The polish I used here is Revlon's "Lily" and the flower sticker is from a local drug store.
Ring: New York & Company
Hope you all like it.

Sep 3, 2013

Blue Polka Dots

You all probably know by now, that I love polka dots and I use them a lot in my nail designs. So here it is again, my blue polka dots.

I love this design, so much that I have repeated it a couple of times on my nails. Which is very rare since I hardly repeat any designs, as I always want to try something new. ALWAYS!!!

The polishes I have used are:
Blue base coat: Sally Hansen's "Blue Me Away". (This is so far one of my favorite Blue polish's.)
Pale Blue: Pure Ice's "A List".
White: SinfulColors Professional's "Snow Me White"
I wore this design on my nails on a vacation, hence the lack of better nail pictures.