Mar 31, 2017

Monthly Mani Favorites: March 2017

Its end of another glorious month of 2017. So here are my favorite nail designs from March 2017 on my blog. Which one is your favorite?

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Mar 28, 2017

Trendy Black Nails

Time for some trendy design. I created these design free-hand using polishes- Zoya's Willa and Ziv.

Bracelet and Ring from Chloe and Isabel
My niece liked my nails so much that she wanted same nails for her. So I created same nail design for her, here is us twining this awesome design.

Mar 26, 2017

Floral Cake Inspired Nails

Hello Friend's, today's nail art is inspired by a beautiful cake picture(scroll below to see it). I created these pink floral and royal blue dots free hand using Ulta's moody blues, Revlon's Plum Seduction and Zoya's Purity. See my previous cake inspired nails HERE.

Here is the cake that inspired this nail art:

Mar 23, 2017

Terra Cotta Nails

I was on a road trip and was going to be exposed to sun most of the time, so I wanted to paint my nails with a Holographic nail design, which would look good outside, while I was in the sun. I came up with this dots design due to lack of time and imagination :) My sister when she saw these thought they looked like a terra cotta earthen pot so I decided to call them terra cotta nails. The base Holographic polish I used is Cupcake Polish's Cocoon (see it's swatch HERE). The using a dotting tool and Zoya's Purity I added some dots on it. Hope you all will like it :)

Mar 20, 2017

Spring has Sprung

Today is the official start of the Spring season and so I created these pretty colorful flower nails for today. I used base white polish as Zoya's Purity and on that using a dotting tool and multiple colorful polishes I added some pretty colorful Spring flowers. Hope you get to get out and enjoy this beautiful season outdoor.

Mar 17, 2017

Henna for Spring

It's been a while since I posted some Henna designs on my blog, so here is one. This whole design is done by me :) I love doing Henna designs and you can see some of the previous ones by clicking HERE.

Mar 14, 2017

Princess Belle

Hello Friends, guess who is making an appearance on my blog today - Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I was meaning to create Disney Princess nails from a long time and since Beauty and the Beast movie releases in 3 days, this was the best time. I used Zoya's Darcy for yellow and Zoya's Purity for white. Since I wanted to create a magical effect I added Holobliss on top of them, which is a holographic top coat from Bliss Polish. Then I free-handed Belle's silhouette on the ring finger and Rose in the glass box on my thumb. Do you like the outcome?

Mar 12, 2017

Vibe that attracts the Tribe

It's Tribal nails time. I really like creating free-hand nails and here is my latest creation. All the polishes used are Zoya's - Dainty, Willa and Darcy. Hope you all like it.

Mar 9, 2017

Happy Birthday Barbie

Who loved Barbie dolls while growing up? I did and I still do :) March 9th which is today happens to be birthday of Barbie doll and so I created these nails using Barbie water decals from Born Pretty Store. I first painted my nails and free-handed stripes on it. Then on each nail I added the Barbie water decals. If you are planning to make a purchase from Born Pretty Store, you can use coupon code QANX31 to get 10% OFF your supplies.

Happy Birthday BARBIE

Mar 6, 2017

Beige Bouquet

If I paint flowers on my nails do you think Spring will be here sooner :) He He. I am missing Spring and created this nail art. The base polish I used is L'oreal's Eva's Pink 703, you can see it's swatch HERE. On that using Formula X's Dainty and Dark Matter I added flowers and dots. Hope to see Spring here soon :)

Mar 3, 2017

Zoya : Purity

I ran out of my previous White nail polish so fast that it was time to buy a new one. This time I decided to try a new brand for my most used nail polish and I was looking at one of the 5-Free brands, so I went with Zoya's Purity. My previous white polish was Dainty (from Formula X). I really like this polish so far. It doesn't get thick after a while, which most polishes do. For the pictures below I used 2 coats. Compared to Formula X's Dainty, this one is more thicker but has less distinct polish smell to it. I use white polish a lot, almost in every nail art of mine, so getting my hands on a good, non-toxic white polish is very important to me. So get ready to see more nail designs using this polish.