Dec 3, 2014

Tutorial: How to remove glitter polish easily

It's Holiday Season and what do we all love the most in this Season on our nails? Well, glitter polishes of course? The sparkles, the bling, the pretty shades it’s all good until the polish starts to chip off and it’s time to remove the glitter polish from your nails. As much as I love putting the glitter polish on, I hate removing it because its always hard to remove. Those tiny sparkly glitter particles, that looked so lovely a few days ago become the object of concern now, as they refuse to leave your nails. So while reading some online article one day, I discovered this easy trick on how to remove glitter polish easily without hurting your nails. I decided to try it myself, before sharing it with you.

For this technique, you will need the following:
1. Nail Polish Remover
2. Cotton buds
3. Aluminum Foil (can be found easily in any Grocery store.)

Step 1. Take cotton bugs for each finger and soak them with nail polish remover.

Step 2. Apply cotton buds soaked in nail polish remover on every nail covered with glitter nail polish.

Step 3. On fingers covered with cotton apply the aluminum foil and cover the whole finger tip.

Step 4. Wait for 5-7 minutes and then take out the foil and then the cotton bud. The glitter polish should have come off by now and if a little of it is remaining here and there, just remove it with more nail polish remover.

Easy Peasy isn't it? Don't agree? Try it yourself with your favorite glitter polish this Holiday Season.

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