Sep 6, 2015

Book Review : The Girls of August

Today is National Read a Book Day. So I decided to post the review of the latest book that I read - The Girls of August by Anne River Siddons. This is my first book by this author. I found it in "Top 10 beach reads for summer" category on Good Reads (Add me as your friend on Good Reads - search for Sony Mansoori).

The concept is very interesting, its about 4 friends, who rent a house every August, away from husband's, work and real life, to spend time with each other. This tradition of theirs comes to standstill for few years after some unfortunate incident. The story begins where they, after a gap of few years decide to continue with this tradition one more time. Unfortunately the book falls flat after that in its story line. There are a bunch of odd scenarios in the book, like Chapter 7 could easily have been skipped and the readers wouldn't have missed anything. The ending was really weird, the author could have choosen to send the book in a different way which would have made up for other short comings of the book.

To be frank, I wasn't much impressed by this book. If you decide to skip reading it, trust me you not mot missing anything. I rate this book 1/5.

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