Mar 17, 2016

St Patrick's Day 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. Hope you are wearing GREEN today. I am, on my nails ;) This is my St. Patty's nail art this year which I did free hand using nail art brush. Polishes used are OPI's Non-Stop White and Jade is the new Black, Sinfulcolor's Innocent and Revlon's Golden. See a similar Valentines Day nail art HERE :)

A pic of my St Patrick's Day nails with the Good Luck Care Bear :)


  1. so cute! i love the free hand clovers, they came out amazingly! i remember this animation series about the care bears, i used to be a big fan when i was little!

    1. Thank u sweetie :) Yeah I loved care bears as a child :)

  2. Wow...Pretty nailart and cute clicks!

  3. Cute design Sony! Great job on the freehand clovers :)