Jul 24, 2017

Product Review: Born Pretty Store Thermal Color Changing Polish

Today I am sharing the third polish from my Born Pretty Store package. This one is a Thermal Color Changing Polish #6 a beautiful dark purple shade.

Thermal Nail Polish Temperature Color Changing Polish #6 starts as a deep cool toned purple when cold and transitions to a light taupey grey. The formula was thick but easy to apply. It dries to a smooth finish and I liked it as is so didnt apply a top coat. This would be a great gift for any girl excited about ombre nail art and looking for an easy gradient look.

If you would like to purchase this polish, you can by clicking HERE, product code 25177. This polish retails at $4.99 but you can get a cool 10% OFF your whole order by using coupon code QANX31, especially for my readers. Check out the Born Pretty Store website for lots of trendy nail art supplies.


  1. I have always been fascinated by thermal polishes, but my nails are too short for them to make sense on me. Otherwise I'd definitely be using them :)

  2. Hi sweetie! I've never tried thermal nail polishes..I'm so curious! This one is very elegant! Smuack

  3. Super cute polish, I love the shaes before and during transistion!