Aug 9, 2014

Travelogue: Alaska...The Last Frontier

For those of you who know me very well, know how much I love to travel and visit new places. I have covered the whole West Coast of USA and the last state which was remaining was ALASKA which I traveled to recently. One thing which I did not realize before I visited Alaska was, how beautiful the state really is. The views are breathtaking, the glaciers are pristine and the wildlife is in abundance. If you are thinking of your next destination for vacation, I would definitely recommend visiting Alaska.

I can go on and on about how beautiful Alaska is, so let me just stop here and let you enjoy some amazing shots from my vacation. Do let me know how you like the pictures. Some of them are taken by my talented hubby who is as passionate about photography as I am about nail art.

Kenai Flords Nation Park with Exit Glacier in the background
A beautiful spot on the way to Seward
Nenana River
Chena River Boat Tour
Alaska Railways
Denali National Park
Wildlife Spotting at Denali National Park
Exploring Denali National Park
Lunch and a view - at Denali National Park
Mt Mckinley
Mt Mckinley reflection in Hubby's glasses
Piper Plane at Lake Hood - largest sea plane lake in Northern America
Largest Chocolate Fountain
Baked Alayeska of a kind

So with Alaska checked. Here is the list of States I have been to in USA.

Alabama AL
Alaska AK 1 ✔
Arizona AZ 2 ✔
Arkansas AR
California CA 3 ✔
Colorado CO 4 ✔
Connecticut CT
Delaware DE
Florida FL 5 ✔
Georgia GA
Hawaii HI 6 ✔
Idaho ID 7 ✔
Illinois IL
Indiana IN
Iowa IA
Kansas KS
Kentucky KY
Louisiana LA
Maine ME
Maryland MD 8 ✔
Massachusetts MA
Michigan MI
Minnesota MN
Mississippi MS
Missouri MO
Montana MT
Nebraska NE
Nevada NV 9 ✔
New Hampshire NH
New Jersey NJ 10 ✔
New Mexico NM
New York NY 11 ✔
North Carolina NC
North Dakota ND
Ohio OH
Oklahoma OK
Oregon OR 12 ✔
Pennsylvania PA 13 ✔
Rhode Island RI
South Carolina SC
South Dakota SD
Tennessee TN
Texas TX 14 ✔
Utah UT 15 ✔
Vermont VT
Virginia VA 16 ✔
Washington WA 17 ✔
West Virginia WV
Wisconsin WI
Wyoming WY 18 ✔


  1. This is so awesome! I lived in Seward for 18 years and now I live in Fairbanks. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures, looks like you had a great time!

    1. Thank you. Wow you are so lucky, I seriously wish I lived in Alaska, but only in summer ;-) We did have a great time much natural beauty and wilderness, a totally different experience.