Mar 15, 2015

Tutorial: Swirls

Hi All, Since you all has so many questions about my Swirls nail art from few days ago, that I decided to post a tutorial in pictures to show you all how to do it. For this nail art I used Polishes from Fun Lacquer's Celebrate(H) and Sinful Color's Get It On.

STEP 1: I painted my nails with Base coat of Fun Lacquer's Celebrate(H).

STEP 2: Then I added swirl nail vinyls from Twinkled T to create the perfect swirls.

STEP 3: After making sure that the swirl nail vinyl was properly secure, I added two coats of Sinful Color's Get It On

STEP 4: Then immediately are removed the swirl nail vinyl to reveal a multichrome swirl beneath it.

STEP 5: Then using nail polish remover I cleaned the excess polish around the nails and added some nice glossy top coat on top of it. Then repeated the same procedure with all the nails to reveal this:

Isn't it super easy to do this nail art? Try it at home and send me the pics :) To see the original nail art, click HERE.

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