Apr 20, 2015


Hi Friends. Welcome to my 300th post of this Blog. Can you believe it, 300!!! I can hardly believe. In fact I noticed it while posting my last nail art. When I started my Blog I never thought I would be posting close to 300 nail designs, in this space. It's all the constant love from you all that makes me want to try harder and come up with unique and unusual nail art, like this one. So far this year I have been inclined towards trying out new prints and color-combos for my nail art. I haven't seen anyone try this before, so it is totally new. The polishes I have used are American Apparel's Peacock and Butter London's Cotton Buds (My favorite goto White polish). I created this print on my nails using a very very thin nail art brush and a dotting tool. What do you all think? would you love to see more print and patterns in nail art for future?

HERE is a Macro shot of the pattern-

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