Apr 26, 2015

OPI Infinite Shine

OPI has come up with Infinite Shine collection. It's a collection of nail polishes which are 5-Free (Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor) and gives you gel-like shine that lasts until you take it off. As you can tell, I do not wear the same polish for more than 5-6 days so long lasting polishes do not matter to me. I was curious about this collection and wanted to buy few shades from it. Unfortunately I couldn't find all the ones on my list at Ulta, so I bought this beautiful creme lavender shade from the collection called In Pursuit of Purple (ISL11). I feel its similar to the regular OPI nail polishes and nothing special about it.

Even though OPI Infinite Shine polishes are 5 FREE, the Infinite Shine primer is NOT 5 FREE. It contains camphor, so be mindful before you purchase the additional nail care products from this line.


  1. Hi sweetheart! You've been very detailed in this post. I was not aware of the ingredient list of OPI nail polish and I bought the blindly..! While it is always a good idea to check before buying even though a brand is known and famous. By the way...this colour is very pretty!

    1. Thanks dear. I am into 5 FREE and 7 FREE polishes these days and I am always looking for brands which claim to be 5 FREE. That's why did so much research on it so I can buy future polishes from it as well. Glad you liked this post. And yes this color is very pretty and I have used it in many nail arts of mine.