Nov 10, 2015

DIY – Polka Dots Shoes

If you follow my blog - you must be familiar with my love for Polka Dots. From Polka Dots dresses, skirts, multiple tops, bed sheets, accessories, cushions, you name it and I have it. The only thing missing from my life were Polka Dots shoes. I have been in search for the perfect Polka Dot shoes since as long as I can remember and haven’t found any yet. Either the heels are too high, shoes are too uncomfortable or the toe is too pointy for my taste. I just cant seem to find any. When I was going through my shoe closet last week, I found these black flats which I haven’t worn – well since I bought them, coz I never really liked them and then I forgot about them…well you know how it goes. I looked at them, wore them for one day and they were surprisingly very comfortable. And then it occurred to me – how about give them a little make over and create polka dot shoes, which I always wanted. So I ran to my nearest Michael’s crafts store and bought this white fabric paint for $2.45 and Ta-Da … after 15 mins of my time I have brand new polka dots shoes which I ALWAYS wanted.

HERE is a DIY tutorial on how to make these.

You need –

1. Old shoes that you want to revamp.
2. Pencil or any other thing you can use to create dots.
3. Fabric Paint
4. Old newspaper to do your project on.
5. Some paper plate to mix the paint on.

Step 1 – Get your shoe that you want to paint ready. Make sure it is clean.

Step 2 – Get all the supplies ready. Put the paint on the paper plate and dip the round –sided tip in the paint. Then start creating random dots on your shoes.

Step 3 – repeat the process on the 2nd pair. Once you are finished, let them dry for a day.

Step 4 – All done. Now show-off your NEW DIY project by wearing them out with your favorite dress/outfit :) :) Simple isn’t it.

Did you like the new DIY section on this blog? Would you like to see more such easy projects? Then let me know in the comments section below. To see matching nail art to these shoes click HERE. To see more Polka Dots nail art on the blog click HERE.

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