Dec 20, 2015

Holiday Series: Santa Clause

Hello Friend's, Christmas is this Friday and I decided to create some 3D Christmas Nail art. Earlier this year, I won a contest from BornPrettyStore and got these beautiful Christmas Charms and some other goodies as the winning prize. It was time to make use of them ;) and here is the result. If you absolutely cannot live without these charms in your life, you can buy them HERE at BornPrettyStore's website for only $1.25 USD. And since I love you all so much, you can get a 10% OFF your purchase by using a special coupon code QANX31 at checkout. The base Red polish I used for these nails is Dior's Rouge. So here are my Santa Clause nails for the Christmas. Scroll all the way down to view a detailed video on how to create these nails.


Have you seen my YouTube channel - Nails Context yet?. If you haven't do check it out and don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking HERE. Hope you are enjoying seeing video tutorials in my blog. Wish all yours (and MINE) wishes come true in 2016.

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