Apr 12, 2016

Indian Bridal Nails

Hello Friend's, today I am sharing, what I like to call the Indian Bridal Nails. If you are not aware, Indian weddings are a grand and colorful affair. Brides don't wear white, instead the traditional Indian Bridal wear is red and gold. The bride gets decked up in lots of gold jewelry as well and adorns her hands and feet with elaborate henna designs. So with the wedding season just around the corner, I decided to create these bridal nails, fit for a Indian bride. Hope you all will like it :)


  1. Beautiful mani! I love the red and gold with flowers :) in Chinese culture brides wear a lot of red and gold and jewelry too!

    1. Thank You :) I did not know that about Chinese culture..thankd for sharing :)

  2. I totally love this nail art. Wedding are truly super fun. Mehndi is awesome too. :-)