Apr 7, 2016

Outfit Inspired

Hello Friend's , today's nail art is inspired by one of my Indian outfit(scroll below to see it). I wore it to a party recently and decided to match my nails with it. The whole design is done free-hand and polishes used are Formula X's Dark Matter, OPI's Non-Stop White and Claire's Sunshine. Hope you like it :)

To see some other nail art inspired by my own outfits, click HERE , HERE and HERE.


  1. Woooh!!! What a matching nails with outfilt! Absolutely perfect and you are looking gorgeous! Love that outfit and entire look! :-)

  2. Love the pattern! You translated it onto your nails nicely :)

  3. Very pretty and colourful dear Sony! A big hug! ♡♡♡

  4. wow, very neat and vibrant! i love how it matches with your outfit, which i really like. you look so pretty! the nail look is so good and pro-like! this yellow really stands out.

    1. Thank You ...the yellow is actually neon yellow and hence it stands out so much :)

  5. Cool this looks very modern and trendy! :)
    I like it!
    Best wishes, MOna