Nov 10, 2014

Pac-Man Nails

For this Halloween, we had a group costume contest at work. We decided to be PAC-MAN and Ghosts for this contest with some work related creativity infused in it. (If you are not familiar with what PAC-MAN is read about it here) How could I pass an opportunity to do my nails in a new theme so I created Pac-Man nails the night before the contest and came up with these. Not only we participated as a group we also won the "WACKIEST Costume" award. It was lot of fun even making the costumes as well, they are all home made BTW. We got round table clothes and created the ghost costumes out of it.

Here is a picture of our group in the costumes. I was dressed as one of the Ghosts, can you guess which one am I?

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