Nov 18, 2014

Zoya Blu

While browsing through a beauty supply store recently, I came across Zoya's BLU and instantly fell in love with this shade. So much that I wore this shade by itself (no nail art on it) for 2 days ( I even got comments from guys asking what was wrong with me and I wasn't allowed to have plain nail polish ...ha ha ha ...some colleagues, I tell you ;)

Coming back to this lovely polish, it was launched back in 2013 in Zoya's Spring 2013 Collection called the Lovely Collection. Blu is a pale baby blue creme shade which requires 2 coats of polish to achieve the results below. It takes a bit longer than normal polishes to dry but you can always use a fast dry top coat on it for faster dry time. I love this shade and it has instantly become on of my favorite blues in my collection. It is also a perfect shade to wear this winter. Hope you all like the swatch too.

If you would like to purchase this Nail Polish online, you can buy it here or here.

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