Aug 19, 2016

I Scream for Ice Cream

Hello Lovelies. Today I am reviewing the 3D nail art from Dimension Nails . I received 3 different styles from them: Castle Rock, Gum Drop and Notorious. These are long rubber like white stickers in different 3D shapes. Because of the material it becomes easy to cut them and make any shapes out of them which you want. For the pictures below, I used Castle Rock to create cup for my ice cream nails. I painted it using brown nail polish before applying it to my nails and the rest of the design I did free-hand.

These 3D nail art stickers create really cool and edgy look but is definitely not for everyday use. If you are into 3D nails this a must-try product for you since the possibilities with this are endless. You can cut, create as many designs as you want and in any color. Since these stickers are plain white you can paint over them with any color you want. This way they can either blend with your nails or stand out. I wanted my 3D ice cream nails to stand out (why not?) so I painted them with a different color. These 3D stickers retail at $6.99 and can be bought online right HERE. I can't wait to create more 3D nails with it. So here are my Ice Cream nails for this summer.


  1. I didn't knew about such product before. I love how you use it. The ice cream turned out cute :)

    1. Yeah it was launched just this year so fairly NEW in the market

  2. They look interesting with the 3D, funny:)

  3. Mmmm - now I wants ice cream LOL
    "Sweet" nails in more than one way!

  4. That looks so fascinating :D Well and I want ice cream now ^^

  5. Very interesting product and cute design!
    And I see what you did with the caption there. :D
    Best wishes, MOna