Aug 24, 2016

Tutorial : Chevron Colorblock Nails

Hi Friends, I created a step-by-step tutorial for you all for the Chevron colorblock nail art from my last post.

For this nail art you would need -
1. Nail Polishes.
2. Chevron Tape.
3. Top Coat.
4. Base Coat.
5. Scissors.

Step 1. To start, first paint your nails with a base coat to protect your nails.

Step 2. When the base coat is dry, on top of it paint your nails with a base polish. I used Formula X's Dainty White polish.

Step 3. On the top of the nail, cover 1/4th of the nail with navy polish. I did it free-hand, you can use a tape for more accuracy, though here accuracy doesnt matter as we will be covering the lines with other nail polishes. Also make sure you polish dries completely, before you attempt step 4.

Step 4. Cut the chevron tape using scissors into multiple stripes and stick them on the nail as shown in the picture below. Make sure they are sticking to the nail and are not loose.

Step 5. Color the pink and neon blocks as shown below. I used Zoya's Lolly for Pink and Claire's Sunshine for Neon.

Step 6. Slowly remove the chevron tape and ta-da you now you have the colorblocked chevron pattern on your nails.

Step 7. Seal the design with your favorite top coat. I used Formula X's top coat.

Here is my dress that inspired these nails, to read more about it click on the previous post.

Did you like this step by step tutorial? Was it useful? Do you like pictorials or video tutorials better that I post here? Let me know in the comments section below :) and here is a picture with the tutorial summary in case you want to pin it ;) Enjoy!


  1. What a colorful and fun mani - looks good!

  2. Replies
    1. Can you plz leave ur comments in English. I do not understand the language u posted ur comment in. Thanks !

  3. It's so cool and very funky! Like it a lot! And that tutorial is easy to follow! :-)

    1. Thank You :) glad to know that the tutorials are being helpful for others :) gives me motivation to create more.