Aug 17, 2016

Celebrating 500th Post

500 th POST !!! Can't believe I am writing 500th post for my blog. Wasn't it just yesterday that I started this blog? When I started my Blog I never thought I would be posting close to 500 nail designs, in this space. Coming to nail designs, today's is a holo floral design which I created with my new favorite holo polish as base Polish. This one is Water You Doing? from Cupcake Polish. You can see it's swatch HERE. Floral design is created free hand and I added the polks dots with a dotting tool.

Pictures in Sunlight

I applied Bliss Polish Holo Top coat on the thumb nail art for some extra Holo :)

Pictures with Flash Photography

Pictures in regular white light


  1. 500 posts? Wow, congrats. You made a wonderful flower nail art!

  2. Congrats on your #500 :)
    I love this floral very much!

  3. The amount of cuteness is so awesome here :) Pretty, sweet mani. And congratulations :)

  4. So unbelievably pretty! :)
    I just LOVE the Holo!
    Hope your write many more posts!
    Best wishes, MOna

  5. Congrats! Your blog is worth looking. I was always wondering, where you take this ideas from? I suppose you are creative and have some design skills. I am inspired by your blog and website when I want to do something special.

    1. Hi Candy, all the ideas for nail art on MY blog are MY OWN. If I am inspired by someone I make sure I mention them in my blog post or Instagram account. Good to know I am inspiring someone out there and thanks for all the love :)

  6. Congrats to amazing 500 posts, that's awesome! Just like your nail art today ♥