Sep 23, 2013

Waterfall Nails

If you are on Instagram, you would have seen waterfall nails floating around a lot. This popular nail design was started by non other than Nailasaurus. Its a new design and everyone has been trying it out. So I decided to recreate it with some of my new polishes.
For base color I started with Urban Outfitters "Girrl Like You". To check out Urban Outfitters polish swatches that I have done before, look here . Then I took a striping brush to paint on all the different colors starting from cuticles, towards the tip.
I like the outcome. All the colors blended together perfectly, I am glad I decided to go with these polishes. The polishes I used here are:
Base color : Urban Outfitters "Girrl Like You"
Yellow: Orly's "Yellow Submarine"
White: Sinful Color's "Snow Me White"
Glitter: LA Colors Art Deco's "Lime Glitter"

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