Sep 21, 2013

Urban Outfitters Polish Swatches

While shopping recently at the mall, I ended up browsing the Urban Outfitters store. Before leaving the store I saw their polish display and couldn't help buying some unusual shades which I don't own. Mind you, I only bought two polishes, but so far I've been so impressed with the quality that I may buy more. These polishes are 2 for $8 or $5 each.

The first polish is called "Flip Flop". Its a lovely shade of sea green, which was really difficult to photograph. It looks turquoise blue in first glance but is really what I like to call sea green color. It's an eye catching color and I get a lot of compliments, every time I wear it.
The second polish is called "Girrl Like You". Its shade of dirty green. The reason I bought this polish was, I did't own this polish color. The nail art I did with this turned out really well. A good addition to my collection.
All the above pictures are with two coats of polish. The dry time of both the polishes is quite fast. The polishes are definitely worth the money and quality was definitely better than what I expected.

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