Dec 18, 2013

Holiday Series: Holiday Swirls

During one of our recent weekend getaways, I was browsing through a cute Christmas store and came across a wrapping paper with swirls on it. That gave me an idea to create Holiday swirls, for this Holiday, season on my nails. But instead of going with the typical red and white swirls, I decided to try it with a different combo on each finger.

The polishes that I used are all OPI polishes. Red is The Spy Who Loved Me, Green is Live and Let Die, White is My Boyfriend Scales the Walls, Silver is Haven't The Foggiest and Gold is Oy Another Polish Joke.

The pinky finger design reminds me of Coca Cola Commercials during Christmas but my favorite is the index and ring finger. Which one among the 5 do you like the most?