Dec 9, 2013

Holiday Series: Gift Wrapping and Christmas Tree

Hi ALL, Hope you all are having a wonderful Holiday season so far and are ALMOST done with your Christmas shopping. What's the best second best part after Christmas Shopping? Of course it's wrapping all those pretty and thoughtful presents in the beautiful gift wraps. So today’s nail art is inspired by wrapped gifts. Personally more than anything, I love opening a beautifully wrapped present (Of course I save the wrapping for my collection, which ends up creating a big pile of trash ;) And what’s better than a beautifully wrapped Christmas present? So this nail art which I did last Christmas on a badly swaying cruise ship (I should get full points for not ruining it, especially the straight lines), reminds me of pretty wrapped Christmas presents on a cozy Christmas morning. To add that touch, I added a Christmas tree on the accent finger. The polishes that I have used are: Red is OPI’s The Spy Who Loved Me , Gold is Revlon’s Golden and Green is Revlon’s Emerald City.

Enjoy and Happy Christmas Shopping and gift wrapping :)

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