Mar 28, 2014

Love & Beauty by Forever 21

Do you ever shop at Forever 21? If so you definitely must have spotted their nail polishes Love and Beauty by Forever 21. These polishes are priced at $2.80. Pretty reasonable I must say. I got one of the Love and Beauty polish/shimmer called baby blue/hot pink which is a glitter polish. Since this polish's base was sheer jelly baby blue, I applied it on top of a white polish and the outcome was this amazing baby blue polish with silver and pink glitter with some tiny blue glitter as well.

The only thing disappointing about this polish is the polish in the bottle dried up very fast in couple of months. So if you really really like this polish buy it and use it a few times or get a really good nail polish thinner :) I liked the polish but wasn't impressed with it not lasting for long in the bottle.