Mar 5, 2014

Nail Art Water Decals

While browsing through Born Pretty Store's website, I came across some very pretty water Nail Art Decals. I had never tried decals before, so decided to buy me some pretty designs and review them for you all as well.

I got a set of 20 water nail art decal's for $2.86. It took almost 3-4 weeks for them to reach to me which was really frustrating. But once I received these, all was forgiven.

To apply them is really easy. You have to follow the instructions on the back of the package. First apply the nail polish that you want as the background for these designs and let it dry completely. I used Sally Hansen's Mellow Yellow. Then cut out each design you want to apply on each nail. So I cut out 10 flowers. Then one nail at a time, I put one cutout in a cup of water and let it soak for 10-15 seconds, after which the decal design came out by itself. Then I carefully applied it to the nail and let it stick and dry completely. I sealed it with my favorite top coat. Then repeated the process for rest of the nails.

I really like these decals. They are easy to use and very quickly create some gorgeous nail art on your nails. Most of the girls/women I meet admire my nails but don't have patience or are too lazy to do the nail art by themselves. These are the women who are looking for someone(read ME) to do nail art for them, that too for free. So if you are not one of those lazy women and really really want some pretty nail art on your finger tips without spending a lot of money, nail art decals are the technique for you.

If you really liked this post and would want to try this technique then try the above mentioned website. You can see another of my Born Pretty Store find here. To get 10% odd your order from BornPrettyStore, use the code QANX31 at checkout.


  1. Oh wow this is so cute! I hope one day I can do this to my nails.Thanks for visiting my blog hun. I am now following you on GFC.Beautetude

    1. Hi Simera...thank you I wish I could do pretty eye makeup like you :) my eye makeup usually just some mascara and thats it :) I tried to find GFC button on your blog, but couldn't fine it. I am following you on Instagram thought :)

  2. Wow, this looks really pretty!!!

  3. Very beautiful. .. perfect spring mani

  4. Beautiful Mani and the Ring is gorgeous :)

  5. oooh thats a pretty and summery mani!

  6. very pretty shade n lovely nail art :)

  7. oh! this is sooo wonderful Sony! Love the yellow shade and the roses! Such a mood lifter too! :D