Mar 14, 2014

Product of the Week - Butter London's Backstage Basics Set

Hi All. From today on I am starting a new series called "Product of the Week". In this series I will be sharing the amazing products or hard to resist deals that I will come across on my shopping trips (mostly nail art related, unless I really get excited about something ;P ).

So to start with I am sharing my first "Ah-ma-zing" find. I found this awesome product from Butter London called 'Backstage Basics' Customizable Set while shopping at Ulta store earlier this week. Why is it amazing? I tell you why. Now if you are familiar with Butter London products you would know their polishes are 3 Free: no formaldehyde, no toluene, no DBP (dibutyl phthalate) and are usually priced $15. Butter London also carries Top and Base coats which are priced $19 each.

Now the fun thing about this 'Backstage Basics' Customizable Set is that, it includes Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat and Hardwear P.D. Quick Topcoat, Powder Room Acetone Free Lacquer Remover, and a complimentary nail file. The reason it is "Customizable" is because you can also add a Butter London polish of your choice in this set, all for only $29.

Now I personally love their Base coat and Top coat. And that's what I use for all my nail art's and manicure. And if you follow my nail art closely, you would have noticed that I use Butter London's Cotton Bud white polish in most of my nail art's where white is needed. So this was a steal for me, not to mention I was buying this set for the second time :) So if you want to try out their base coat and top coat, I would definitely recommend this product.

This set is available at Ulta stores and Nordstrom stores.

How do you all like this new series? Would you like to see more products like the above, in future? Then let me know in the comments section below.

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