Mar 24, 2014

Retro with a twist

I love Retro colorblock nails. Not only there is the challenge of getting the colors in the blocks but also I like the pop of different colors together in this nail art. You can see the previous Retro nails that I have done here and here

So today I am sharing another Retro colorblock nail art with you all. This design is inspired by Sophie. You can see previous design inspired by her here.

What is different in this nail art from the other retro ones that I have done you ask? It's the use of stripping tape on the nails and incorporating them as part of the nail art. I wouldn't lie it was the most difficult nail art I did till date and took me an hour to complete it. The only reason was using the stripping tape and placing it back exactly on the lines and cutting it correctly to form the blocks. Only issue at the end was the stripping tape started curling at the ends, as you can see in some pictures and I didn't like that at all. Then why am I sharing it with you all? Coz it took so much time finishing this nail art and it at least needs a good mention on my blog here. That's why you see lack of proper clean up in some pics.

Nevertheless my dear hubby liked these nails an decided to take some macro shots with some water droplets on my nails for his personal collection :) So here is a picture of that as well. Must say it makes the nail art look much better :)

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