Sep 21, 2016

Holo Pink Leopard Print

Sharing a holographic leopard print nail art today. Base polish used is Glisten & Glow's Raspberry Margarita. You can see it's swatch HERE. I created a video tutorial on how to create this nail art, scroll all the way below to watch it or go to my YouTube channel HERE.

HERE is the VIDEO TUTORIAL. Have you seen my YouTube channel - Nails Context yet?.

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  1. Oh such a pretty mani! And tutorial too is very easy to follow. Well done! :-)

  2. Indeed! And cute as always what I like a lot!

    1. Thanks sweetie :) I love all the encouragement from you

  3. I wish there were holo pink leopards in real life ♥

  4. Ooh la la, that's super pretty! I love that pink, and your nail art too :)