Sep 6, 2016

Watermelon Nails

Hello Lovelies. Hope you all had a great long weekend. A much awaited break I must say. Today I have another3D nail art using 3D stickers from Dimension Nails . As I mentioned in my previous post, I received 3 different styles from them: Castle Rock, Gum Drop and Notorious. These are long rubber like white stickers in different 3D shapes. Because of the material it becomes easy to cut them and make any shapes out of them which you want. For the pictures below, I used Notorious to create watermelon slices for my nails. I cut the 3D stickers and painted them using nail polish to look like watermelon slices, before applying it to my nails. The rest of the design I did free-hand. You can see my previous nail art design and read my preview on the 3D nail art stickers HERE.


  1. the product looks real fun to use. Its cute :)

  2. What a funny and cute mani. And these stickers :)

  3. I like the freehand design and the 3D one looks fun!

  4. Cute! The 3d watermelon slices are a fun Idea :)

  5. Love the watermelon are you did, they are so artistic and cute!


  6. It's a great idea. Your watermelon nails look awesome! But I'm curious - are they comfortable? :)

    1. They are definitely for day to day use, but for when you want a edgy look :)