Nov 13, 2013

Maybelline Brocade Collection Swatches

Maybelline has come out with another Color Show line called The Brocade Collection. This is a group of glitter polishes that remind me of Indian silk and metallic brocade fabrics. What is different about this collection is the duochrome shimmers in these polishes, which reflect gold, green and purple. I bought two polishes from this collection which caught my eye - Gilded Rose and Lavishly Lilac.

Maybelline Gilded Rose has a clear base polish which is full of golden shimmer that basically defines this collection and pink glitter. This is so lovely and has a duochrome feel to it. This needs two coats of polish for opacity.
Maybelline Lavishly Lilac has a pale purple base with lots of purple and golden shimmer and purple hex glitter. This is a duochrome polish. The purple shifts into gold in proper lighting. This needs three coats of polish for opacity.
I think Lavishly Lilac is my favorite among the two, as it reminds me of heavy brocade Indian sari's worn during weddings and festivals. There are lot of other shades and glitters in this collection which are perfect for this Holiday season. Hope you find one that you like.

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