Apr 23, 2014

Inspired by NCLA

Hello everyone. The nail art which I am sharing with you all today is inspired by NCLA wraps called AQUA. NCLA is a polish brand which is famous for their Nail Wraps. They come out with these amazing designs for their nail wraps which are hard to resist.

But you know me whenever I see a beautiful design, be it in stamping plates or nail wrap, I like to create it on my own. So here is my take on recreating this beautiful NCLA wraps by using stripping tape technique.

The base polish that I have used is from Charming Charlie called
You can see similar retro colorblock nail designs which I did before here and here.

Below is a picture of the actual wraps from NCLA which inspired this mani.

Photo Credit: NCLA

You can see similar nails that I have done before here, here and here.

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