Oct 10, 2013

Red Blue and White

Last year for an Indian festival I bought a beautiful Red, Blue and White Indian outfit. A day before the festival I was in dilemma what nail design to apply on my nails which would match my outfit colors. I was looking at some nail stamping plates at that time and Konad's m79 plate's dotted design caught my attention. So instead of buying the plate I decided to free hand that design by myself, in the colors that would match my outfit. Hence the following nail art.
I find it challenging to recreate the nail art by myself, instead of opting for the easy way of doing a nail art (i.e. stamping, nail strips, etc) . You can see another design that I recreated here. The best part about recreating this design myself was I used 2 different colors i.e, Red and Blue. If I had used the stamping plate, the whole design would I have been in one color. Also, the stamping plate doesn't have the "big dots" on every intersection of the small dots but only on the every other intersection. I added the "big dots" on every intersection.
The base polish I used is my faithful white polish, SinfulColors Snow Me White. For Red I used Ulta's Red Carpet Red and for Blue I used Wet n Wild's I need a refresh-mint. Below is a picture of my nails with my matching "Indian Bangles" mixed and matched, from my jewelry collection :)
Here is a picture of the actual Konad m79 stamping plate that I found online. The design I have copied is the one on the top left.
There are a lot of Indian festival's coming up in the next few months. So get ready to see more outfit matching Indian nail designs :)

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