Oct 3, 2013

Pink Camouflage Nails

Today's nail art is camouflage nails. Now that's a print you probably would have seen every where in every possible color combination. I decided to go for pink.
The polishes that I have used are: Butter London's Cotton Buds, OPI's Mod About You, Revlon's Cupid and Plum Seduction.
The thumb reminds me more of a painting than of a camouflage, coz it was the first nail i painted and added Zoya's Lolly to it, only to realize it looked more like a painting than the camouflage look i was opting for. So for rest of the nails I decided to skip it, which was a wise decision. My favorite is the middle finger nail. I think it came out perfectly.
This nail art is inspired by Sally Hansen's pink camouflage nail polish strips, which I bought but didn't like them very well as they didn't stick well on my nails. Hence it motivated me to paint my nails similar to them instead of using them.

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