Sep 16, 2014

Tutorial: Modern Ruffle Nails

Hi All, Since you all loved the pattern from yesterday so much, I decided to post a tutorial in pictures to show you all how to do it.

It is very simple as you don't need any extra nail art tools.

For this nail art you would need -
1. Different Nail Polishes.
2. Top Coat.
3. Base Coat.

Step 1. To start, first paint your nails with a base coat to protect your natural nails and when its dry on top of it paint your nails with a base color of your nail art. I used Cotton Buds from Butter London. Make sure you polish dries completely, before you attempt Step 2.

Step 2. To make the pattern, apply the second polish in one stroke, using the brush that comes with the polish. Start each stroke by placing the tip of the brush on the nail and wait a little till enough polish has dripped off forming a round starting point. Start on one side of the nail.

Step 3. Now apply the third polish in one stroke as well. This time the stroke is bigger than the other and right next to the previous one, as shown below.

Step 4. Apply the fourth polish in one stroke as well. This time the stroke is smaller than the previous one and right next to it.

Step 5. Now on the previous strokes using different color polishes, apply smaller strokes of different random sizes, as shown below.

Step 6. Finally, when the polish on your nails is dry, seal your work with your favorite topcoat and you're done! Pretty simple, isn't it? :)

If you liked this pictorial and would like to see more of these for other nail art designs, let me know in the comments section below. You can also communicate with me on Facebook and Instagram. Enjoy!!!

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