May 1, 2014

I Dream of Color

Inspirations can be found anywhere. Inspiration for nail art is everywhere.
That’s what today’s blog post is all about. I bought this pretty, colorful tribal print wooden bangle from Forever 21 back in 2011, for a very reasonable price, when tribal print was becoming a fad. I have worn it so many times since then and last week when I took it out of my collection I realized once again how beautiful this single bangle was. Then I thought how much fun it will be to create this beautiful, colorful tribal print design on my nails. And since then I have been thinking about how to recreate it and what polishes to use from my stash. So this past Thursday I sat down with my nail polishes and nail art brushes and created (free-hand) this lovely tribal print on my nails.

Love, Love, Love how this design turned out on my nails. It was even more fun while doing it. After I finished working on it, I proudly showed it to my hubby who agreed that it had turned out beautifully. So get ready to see loads and loads of this design in this post.

Bangle: Forever 21

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