May 28, 2014

Splatter Nail Art

Splatter Nails , I have been wanting to try this nail art technique for a long time and finally decided to try them. Even though this nail art technique is easy, it is super messy and requires a lot of cleaning afterwards and I am not exaggerating.

To start with I laid out lots of paper as my area to try out this technique. Then I added tape around my fingers, except the nails so there would be less mess of polish to clean afterwards on my fingers. Once I had done all these preparations I painted my nails in the base color polish which was SinfulColor's Snow Me White. I took multiple polishes and one polish at a time dipped one end of a straw in the polish and placed it on top of my nail. Then I blew into the other end of the straw which splattered the polish on my nails. I repeated this with other polishes and on other nails until I was satisfied with the results. Th nail polishes that I used to create the splatter are - Sinful Color's Summer Peach, Jordana's pop art neon green and Ulta's Celebutante.

Then to add an extra effect, once the polish was dry and I had cleaned up all the mess around my nails, I added neon studs from Born Pretty Store on my nails and sealed it with my favorite top coat.

I had an old bangle with splatter paint effect on it, so I decided to take some shots with the bangle. To get 10% odd your order from BornPrettyStore, use the code QANX31 at checkout.

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