May 21, 2014

Strawberry Nail Art

Over the past weekend I attended the annual California Strawberry Festival and decided to paint my nails as strawberries for this festival. I wanted to paint all my nails just like strawberries but I have these fruit studs or fruit 3D decorations and never used them before and wanted to give it a try as well. So for the thumb nail I did something different by using the fruit stud and created this look which looks like a strawberry in a red basket. Which one do you like the best, the thumb nail or the strawberry nails?

To create the strawberries, I first painted my nails using Ulta's Red Carpet Red. then on top of it starting from the nail base using a thin nail art brush, I created the green leaves for the strawberries. For green I used Revlon's Emerald City. Then using Zoya's Darcy which is a very nice yellow shade I created the yellow thin small lines by a thin nail art brush. That's it.

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