May 9, 2014

Tutorial - Colorblock Nails

Remember these colorful lime and yellow colorblock nails back from April, I received so much love for them that I decided to create a Pictorial (picture tutorial) for these nails.

For this nail art you will need -
1. Stripping Tape.
2. 4 nail polishes.
3. Top Coat.

Step 1: For this mani I started by painting my nails with a white polish since I wanted white lines in my nail art. I used Butter London's Cotton Buds.

Step 2: Once the polish was dry I added stripping tape in the pattern of white lines shown in the picture. Mainly I divided the nails in 3 block's diagonally, one for each color. Then added veritcal stripes to achieve the vertical white lines effect.

Step 3: Then doing one nail at a time, starting from the nail bed, I painted my nails dark green in the bottom most block. I used OPI's Jade is the new Black for this dark green color.

Step 4: In the second block I added the light green shade. For this I used Sally Hansen's Green with Envy.

Step 5: In the third or remaining blocks I added yellow polish. I used Zoya's Darcy for that.

Step 6: After step 5, I immediately took out the stripping tape and did not let the polish go dry. Make sure you take out the last tape stripe first as it would get caught underneath another piece of tape that was applied after it. You might want to avoid that. If you do get caught in that situation, you just need to stop peeling a piece when it gets caught (leave it halfway peeled) and come back to remove it once the tape above it has been removed.

Step 7: Now if you are as messy as me, don't be alarmed to find that polish was applied outside the nails too. Just take some polish remover in a thin brush or q-tips and clean around the nails.

That's it. Now repeat this process for all the remaining 9 finger nails (Yeah, no body said that nail art was THAT easy). Doing this on all 10 fingers took a long time but the effect was totally worth it.

You can see the original colorblock nails post here. Have any comments about this tutorial or would like to see more nail art tutorials, then leave suggestions in the comments section below.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. As i already said this is fabulous! So refreshing and vibrant! U explained it so well sony! Awesome! I am bad at nails but my sister is also like u! I admire u guys so much! <3 - shomi - pearlypoppies

    1. Hey thanks so much I am glad you liked the tutorial. I took these pics from my iphone instead of my normal SLR camera and was worried that the pics might not look good on the blog.
      You must be bad at nails but you are awesome at face makeup. You can probably me makeup artist for celebrities. I for sure, cant even apply eyeshadow without messing up twice :)